Muffin has Amblyopia.  Amblyopia is also referred to as a "lazy" eye.  Through treatment like patching and atropine drops he has gone from 20/70 in his weak eye to 20/40.  The goal is to bring his weaker eye closer to the same prescription.  Right now he has glasses that are a +4 in his right eye and no prescription in the left.  The goal being to have and sustain binocular vision.  It's not as simple as just wearing glasses.  They actually have to correct his vision.  Otherwise, the brain essentially stops using the weaker eye.

We noticed Muffin squinting at an early age.  Doctors told us he was fine and we never saw an ophthalmologist.  When he failed his vision exam at his 5 year well check, we were shocked.  

The longer it takes to be diagnosed, the more difficult it is to fix this kind of problem.  Please have your child get a full eye exam when they are young!

Resources for Kids and Families with vision issues:

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