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When I was a young girl I wrote in a secret diary every night. I recorded all of my fears, hopes, and dreams, page after page, book after book, year after year. This is the evolution of my diary...except now it's called a blog and I'm inviting you to read it. I blog because I love to share all that is wonderful. I blog because it's my therapy. I blog because it just feels better to get it all out of my head...

I am a mom with 2 boys that has suddenly found myself in my mid 30's (actually I think it's officially upper 30's now, LOL) and wondering how in the world did I get here?  I have worked for the past 13 years as a professional photographer for an independent company and now I have started my own company in hopes to become more independent and spend more time with my kids.

I love photography, yoga, and red wine.  I love a good book in a hot bath.  I love coffee and my computer on Saturday mornings.   I love the beach.  I love my boys. 

I am the kind of person that you can confide in.  I love to help people and I accept people for who they are without judging, usually;)  I hate confrontation.

I believe that woman can be great moms without sacrificing themselves.  Taking a little mom time here or there or picking up a cute new pair of shoes, getting a haircut, or hell just taking a shower some days can revive and refresh us moms.

I blog to vent, share, laugh, cry, uplift, commiserate, learn and smile.  

Meet Puck.  My darling first born.  I've never felt more proud in my whole life as I  have raising him.  He's taught me everything I know about being a mother.  We are a team.  He is brave, smart, funny, sweet, loving, and tough.  

Puck - Age 8

Meet Muffin. My sweet 2nd born.  I've never learned more about myself than I have being his mom.  Muffin makes me question everything.  He makes me laugh and cry in the same moment.  I love watching him love Puck.  Muffin is a Sensory Seeker.  There is no other little boy that is more gentle or more amazing in the entire world.  Muffin also has Ambyopia, a condition where one eye is drastically weaker than the other.  We patch his eye and use Atropine drops to block the vision in his good eye to make the weaker eye stronger.  

Muffin - Age 6

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