Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Week to Myself

Hubs took the boys to Kansas this week for a visit with their grandmother.  So, since Tuesday morning I've been on my own.  I love my kids but I have to say it's been absolutely glorious to have a break.  I got a pedicure, a haircut, went shopping for an Easter dress, slowly browsed the wine shop.  It's so quiet..


Being a mom and a wife is not for the weak at heart.  I know I'll be rested and refreshed by the time they get home tomorrow afternoon.  It did make me realize that I don't spend enough time on myself, meaning I don't take care of myself and I certainly haven't made my physical and mental health a priority.  I'm going to start back with Yoga on Monday and I'm really excited.

Tonight it's a new bottle of wine, a hot bath, and some calming music.  Recharging...

Saturday, April 12, 2014

From City to Shore

For at least 9 years I have dreamed about moving to the beach.  When I am near the shore I am calmer, I sleep better, I am at peace.

Well a couple of months ago we made the decision to do just that, move to the shore.  I've packed boxes, listed our home for rent, obsessed over schools, and got quotes from movers.  And now that I am standing on the edge of a dream realized, I find it paralyzing.  I'm agonizing over my it right or is it wrong?  What if I make the wrong choice and everyone is miserable?

Change is hard, even when you really want the change.