Saturday, January 4, 2014

I Hate Winter

I can't stand the cold.  I've lived in the Washington, DC area my entire life so I can honestly say, I'm over it!  At least when it snows there is something pretty to look at and the kids get excited but I don't particularly enjoy the act of stuffing the boys into their snow suits, boots, hats, gloves, and all that!

They are really cute thought,  have to admit!

Here's what I saw when I peeked out the window on Muffin:)
We've known for a while that we are ready for a change and I can barely contain my excitement waiting for it all to be official:)))  Here is what's important to me:

Less time sitting in traffic, more time with my boys.

That's it.  I want to be the best mom I can be and when I'm tired all the time I am not.  As a working mom I always thought it would get easier as they got older.  I was wrong, it only gets more complicated.  They need and want me around more then ever.  They want me to volunteer at school and help with homework and make breakfast before school.  

I want time with them that is not all that's left over of me at the end of the day, because there isn't enough coffee or red bull to give me the energy I need to be the best mom.

I'll keep you posted on our adventure.  Maybe such a big change will give me something to write about again.  

Happy New Year!  Bring it 2014, I'm ready!