Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Having Older Kids

I find it difficult to blog about my kids these days.  They are older now, 7 and 9.  They are growing up and not everything is appropriate for a blog.  They deserve privacy now.  I still want to blog.  There are still so many fun and wonderful things to share but I see this blog moving in a new direction.  

I'm quickly approaching 40.  Approaching middle age?  Or climbing over the top of that "hill".  My perspective on parenting has changed a lot.

I know that my kids need my time and attention more now than ever before.  They have begun dealing with their own emotional issues.  Life is more serious and directional. It's no longer about first steps, first foods, etc.

I always thought the important years were the baby/toddler years but truthfully, life with kids gets more complex as they age.  I'm am enjoying how independent they are but I am reminded everyday that they need guidance, support, tough love, and hugs.  I hug my boys everyday.  I want them to know when their heads hit their pillows each night that they are loved and protected:)

I would love to find more bloggers of school age children....


Joey Resciniti said...

My little girl will be nine next month. Not writing much about her anymore either. I've started up my regular blogging with more recipes and I still have stories that don't embarrass her... At least a few! Good luck with your blogging transition!

*Jess* said...

I often feel extremely neglectful of my older two (almost 9 and almost 12) because all I blog about is their 2 year old sister. I totally understand. But events are still important. Also, you can write about new recipes your family has tried, review some books you've read. You've still got readers, don't worry :)

Danifred said...

I hear you. I find that I blog less and less about Tot. For me, it's less about her privacy and more about how complicated her "issues" are. They can't be easily documented in a 5 minute sit down with the blog.
Maybe you can go private and still have the opportunity to blog?