Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I hate homework.  I hated it when I was in school and I hate it even more the 2nd time around now that I have to help my kids do it.  Puck is in the 3rd grade and the homework situation is getting REAL.  I mean, he has it every night and that doesn't include the 20 minutes of reading he is supposed to do.  I get that it's important, I really do, but I hate that it causes us to argue.  Homework creates stress and tension in my house that I just don't need. 

So, how do I learn to like homework so that he will like homework?  How do I teach him the value of preparation and that homework is not "wasting his time" but making sure he succeeds in life???  He brought home a C on an economics test (he's in 3rd grade in case you forgot) because he hid the study guide from me because he knew we would make him learn the material.  When I got upset over the C he said, "It's fine, I passed". 


OK.  How is it that my 9 year old has already accepted mediocrity?  Did I teach him that?  I surely hope not but it got me thinking.  Maybe he senses or worse knows that I hate homework too.

So last night we reviewed some material he was having difficulty with like writing with adjectives and 3-digit subtraction (you know where you have to borrow numbers)?  Eek!  I hated school, I was a really average student but I want more than that for my son but I fear he is lazy, just like I was.  Always wanting to get an A or be the best but willing to put in the minimum required amount of effort.  Anyhow, last night we spent 45 minutes going over concepts he needed help with and it was the best quality time I spent with him in weeks.  I felt really good about it and so did he.

I hope that math unit test went well today...

Feeling good and ready to take on these pre-tween years!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Coming Up for Air

Wow!  What a fall it's been.  Between work, hubs new job, 2 boys in baseball and 1 also playing soccer I feel like I've been running a marathon since Aug 31st!  I also shot 2 weddings and carving out time for editing with our busy family schedule and a full time job proved challenging.

It's been a good fall though.  Next weekend will be the first since it began that we haven't had anything planned.  So I'm "planning" on doing nothing:)  Puck just turned 9 this past week.  I still can't believe it.  9, it just sounds so old.

Hopefully I'll have more time to write down our adventures but for now, here's some updated photos of the boys.  Enjoy:)

Muffin, age 6.  Sporting Miraflex frames for his Amblyopia.

Puck, age 9.  Fell in love with baseball this Fall.