Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Muffin!

You changed my life when you were born. You amaze me more and more everyday. Shy but strong, you take everything life throws at you in stride.

At 6:

•You can count to 100 by 5's and 10's.
•Read! It's amazing.
•Swim Like a fish and getting better all the time.
•You like to take baths in my tub because you can go "under" and swim.
•You like to have privacy;). I respect that!
•Just tasted Peanut Butter without a fight and said you liked it.
•You run off the bus and jump into my arms like we haven't seen each other in weeks.
•You give great kisses, hugs, and snuggles.
•I love that you remind me your Dream Light goes off after 20 minutes.
•Video game addict! Mario, Sonic, and Zelda!
•You must have the Dog sleep almost on top of you!
•You demand we sing "You are my Sunshine" to you every night at bedtime.

If superheroes were real, you would definitely be one.

I love you!!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday Snipits

  • Puck had his best week in school academically yet this entire year.  I'm really proud of him for that.  I'm really hoping to see his grades bounce back on his next report card.
  • Then he got in trouble for teasing other kids.  -It's always good-news/bad-news!  :(
  • I'm hoping to sign Muffin up for swim lessons since we won't be playing soccer this spring.  Once the cast comes off, I'll sign Puck up as well.  We will be ready when summer arrives!  I'm ready now...
  • Muffin turns 6 this week.  I can't believe it.  We are going to have a mini surprise party for him on the night of his birthday.  He is growing into the coolest kid.  He makes me laugh everyday:)
  • I have to force myself to spend time on me and to take better care of myself.  I've been so distracted with all my other responsibilities and everyone else.  I need to eat better, sleep better, and get at least some moderate exercise!  
  • Maybe I should just accept that the entire house will never be clean and tidy all at the same time.  It really stresses me out though.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Night Leftovers

It's been a big week. As usual so glad it's Friday at last:)

After an excruciatingly long wait from the pediatrician, it was determined based on the Vanderbilt Surveys that Puck has ADHD.  He began taking medication today, Aderall.   I didn't come to this decision lightly.  It's been on my mind for a while.  Every day he has slipped further and further behind and struggled more and more.  Today, without the teacher even knowing for 1/2 the day, she wrote him a note to bring home about what a fantastic day he was having.  Then after we sent her an email to let her know, she emailed at the end of the day saying it was the best day he had ever had.  She sent home samples of the work he did today, saying it was his best ever and some of the best in the class.  Could it be?  Day 1 of meds and it helped that much?  I certainly hope so.

This evening I introduced Puck to The Karate Kid (the original). He loved it! It's always been a favorite of mine. The best part was that 10 minutes in he spotted Elizabeth Shue and said, "Hey, that's the girl from Back to the Future!" I was so proud. Another favorite of mine. We watched it together for the first time that night we spent in the hospital when he broke his leg. He remembered Elizabeth Shue even though he was on morphine! I must be doing something right if he is developing an appreciation for 80's movies!

I saw the movie Les Mis this week. It was UNBELIEVABLE! Everyone must see it. I've always been a fan. I didn't expect to be blown away but I was. It exceeded all my expectations:). I miss music being a part of my life like it was in high school. Band, guard, performing...

I love Netflix. I'm watching Clue right now. Yes, I'm a sucker for 80's movies;).