Monday, January 21, 2013


Gifts from their Godmother

Yesterday, both my boys were baptized:)  This year as Puck entered 2nd grade I realized that this was the year he would receive 1st Holy Communion.  I had been inspired by a neighbor and friend who's daughter went through the process last year.  I didn't want him to miss the opportunity to do that with his classmates.  So in September he began CCD classes.  It been a great experience for him, I have to say.  I'm been pleasantly surprised just how positive Puck has been about learning his prayers, doing CCD homework, and attending classes.  I'll pick him up and ask how it was and he'll say, "It was awesome!"  I don't know why, but I never expected him to really enjoy it.  I'm so glad it's going well.  I've been shocked at the quick rate at which he has memorized all the prayers he should have learned last year and the 2nd grade ones as well.  I didn't know he had it in him.

In attendance, were my dad, stepmom, Aunt L, Uncle J, Mimi, my neighbors that were our inspiration to return to church and C, one of my oldest friends and sorority sister.  C is the boys Godmother and Uncle J is the Godfather.  C came all the way up from Florida 30 some weeks pregnant with her 3rd baby!  I was so touched:)  Lost of people come in and out of our lives but once in awhile we find those special friends that become permanent fixtures.  The boys, Hubs, and I were surrounded my friends and family and it was such an uplifting feeling.

Puck on the left and Muffin on the right

The Priest seem to be particularly excited that Puck was 8 and her could ask him questions about Baptism and what it meant.  Muffin kept asking in my ear the whole time, "When are they giving me the baptism?"  Being Catholic, children are usually baptized as infants.  Better late, than never I always say!

My father tool our entire crew out to a fabulous dinner at Bonefish and we wined and dined.  A special treat and a very generous gesture by my dad.  His generosity inspires me.

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