Sunday, December 30, 2012


What a difference a day makes! Puck spent most of the day in his wheel chair today!  He even let Hubs wheel him down to a friends house to watch a movie on their new 3D TV!  He smiled.  He had fun.  We made several trips to the dreaded bathroom and best of all he tried using the crutches...twice!  It's not easy, walking on crutches so I'm glad we have the wheel chair.  I know as each day passes he will get stronger and stronger.  His Grammie sent pizza and several friends came to share that pizza and play with his new Wii U that Santa brought.  I was upstairs folding laundry and I could hear the kids laughing like any other day and it made me smile too.

I'm super happy to report that he even made it upstairs to his bed:)  He scooted up the steps on his bottom one at a time with the biggest look of accomplishment on his face:)  So proud of my big guy for facing his fears:)  It's going to be a long road but after what I saw him do today I know that we can do this!


*Jess* said...

Poor guy! I must have missed that he got hurt! I love your new blog layout!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

He's doing GREAT! It's so hard, but he'll be flying around on those crutches in no time!

Danifred said...