Saturday, November 24, 2012

Winter Ick

So Muffin is on the mend from his pneumonia but then this morning Puck comes into my room saying he doesn't feel well.  He's been camped out on the couch all morning and has a fever that so far has reached 100.  I hate this time of year it's like the germs are just everywhere waiting to attack.

We put the fake tree up yesterday sans decorations.  You gotta love pre-lit.  This is the tree that is in our family room. We still put the big real tree in the living room.  This tree is really more for me....white lights and only red and white ornaments.  It's a girly momma tree:)  I love looking at it when I sack out on the couch to sip some red wine and watch HGTV at night! 

I started repairing the drywall in the powder room yesterday so prepare it for paint.  I really needs a redo.  I hate the lavender paint that's been in their for 7 years now and every time the cleaning lady came she managed to get bleach everywhere.

* I was going to post a photo but google says I'm out of space:( you pay $2.49 a month???

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krayzid0rk said...

I heard of this happening. Use flickr or photobucket to upload your photos. Also you can supposedly create a new author and post under that. I need to start looking into my options as well before I run out of space.