Saturday, November 17, 2012


It's so quiet around here today.   It's a Saturday morning and the boys have been upstairs for hours now playing video games together.  I hate to admit this, but it is nice to be able to sleep in a bit on the weekends now that the boys are more self sufficient and not demanding breakfast right away.  The Hubs got up this morning and made them breakfast.  Getting them to pause the game long enough to come eat was something of a miracle.  I don't feel too guilty though, they aren't allowed to play on school mornings at all and for limited time after school. 

Last weekend we spent the weekend at my friends cabin in the West Virginia mountains.  I had no service on my iPhone and I have to say, it was nice to be completely disconnected.  I think I'm going to "disconnect" more often.  The boys loved the camp fire and just being boys.  Strangely enough, they liked making smores but not eating them.  What's wrong with these children?

Collecting firewood

8 years you even believe it?

Muffin...all grown up!


Tezzie said...

OMG..your boys are so handsome. And, getting so big! I'm not ready for my kids to be big, yet... *sigh* . Well,'s not all bad. Like you mentioned in your previous post, weekend mornings are much more pleasant now that they understand that if they get up at a crazy early time, it doesn't mean that MOM has to get up at a crazy early time. But, before I know it, I'll have to do stuff like explain about Santa...and the birds and the bees...and, and, and...*sigh* Nope. Not ready for big kids yet! ;)

Tezzie said...

Sorry..that should read: 'like you mention in THIS post' ...LOL. Got so excited looking at the adorable pix, I forgot when I read about the boys being more self sufficent, and hubs making breakfast. ;)