Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I wouldn't normally say that I am a "religious"person, I don't quote scripture or pray before meals but I do believe in God. My husband and I were married in the Catholic Church where I grew up as a kid. I actually didn't become a catholic until I was in high school. My parents who had also been married in the Catholic Church and pledged to raise their children as catholic, finally got around to it when I was about 15 years old.  I resented it.  I was a hormonal, selfish teen and had more important thinks to worry about, like school and boys;)
Overtime I grew to appreciate going to Mass and even attended occasionally during college.

Fast forward to 2012 and I have an almost 8 year old in the 2nd grade. This is the year that he is supposed to receive 1st Holy Communion. I didn't want him to have negative feelings like I did so I knew the sooner the better at getting him into some kind if religious education was important. I enrolled him in CCD classes so that he could receive 1st Penance and 1st Communion with classmates his age. I was really nervous about it. Nervous for him and nervous for me.  I took him to his first Mass and he did pretty good considering its not all that exciting for kids. (I wish there was a children's Mass...)

His response to the CCD has been amazing.  He likes going.  When I ask him how was class he says, "I loved it!"  He did his CCD homework in the car on the way home from class one night.  So I'm thinking, "Wow, maybe something was missing for him and this was it."  I'm feeling like I made the right call.  It was a difficult decision to make as my husband is not catholic and isn't interested in being catholic but he agreed our son needed to learn about God and that there is someone other than mom and dad calling the shots.

This process will also result in Puck getting Baptised which honestly I have wanted since the beginning.  Puck and I will be on this journey together as in order to teach him the prayers he has to memorize, I have to learn them too.  To help with his homework I'll have to read the stories too.  The memorization of the prayers is intense!  He came home after they quizzed the kids and he only knew one we have our work cut out for us but we'll be doing it together.

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Loco YaYa said...

i am not overly religious. i grew up catholic. both of my parents were cradle catholics. so there was never really a choice. i never really resented it growing up as so many of my friends were catholic also. it was not until my mother died when i was 15 that i started to fall away slowly. i hung in there for quite a few years, even through the army, but then as my oldest was hitting about 4 it just all fell away. both of my girls are baptised, but only the oldest did her 1st comm and 1st pen. she is now to the age of confirmation (which i remember being such a fun time) and unlike myself has been exposed to so many other religons. she has decided she does not want it. it makes me sad. i just remember it being such a huge part of my childhood. my youngest is also 'missing' something. and the thought of returning has crossed my mind. i do hope puck continues his journey. and you helping him may help you complete yours also. :)