Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sparklers & Sprinklers

It was a calm and low key 4th given that this year the holiday fell on a Wednesday.  We spent the morning chilling indoors and staying out of the heat, especially since mama was still feeling sick:(  I toughed it out though because that's what mamas do. 

We enjoyed a nice dinner of burgers on the grill with good friends and cold beer.  The kids were occupied with tie-dying t-shirts (luckily they didn't seem to care that the Red, White, and Blue, turned out Pink, Purple, and Lavendar, hahah!  Late afternoon ended with fun in the sun on a slip and slide to tide them over until dark.

These boys LOVE fireworks and couldn't get enough!

Doing camera tricks for mama!

Still squinting that right eye...
 This kid was terrified the last couple of years and would cover his ears and bury his face in my chest but now that has all changed.  My little Muffin couldn't get enough.  He kept asking why we didn't have the ones that go really high!  It's hard to explain that those are "illegal" in Virginia.  There was plenty to see though on all sides of our neighborhood.  You can see how happy he is:)
That expression is called JOY!

More Sparklers!

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Danifred said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! It was too hot to do anything that didn't involve water.