Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Yay, it's the 4th of Strep July.  Muffin had strep last week and now I think I've got it.  Of course when I called my doctors office 2 days ago they didn't have any available appointments.  That made me so mad I got snarfy with the lady on the phone.  I knew I needed antibiotics now!  Hubs ended up having a Z-Pak he never took so I decided to take it (gasp) instead of going to the doctor and wasting a copay, etc.  Well I just took the 3rd dose and my throat is still killing me.  I don't think it's working.  Now, it's July 4th so the doctors office isn't open.   Sigh.....  I had big plans to party and watch fireworks tonight with my babes.  I HATE being sick.

I really wanted to try and get some fun photos of the kids with sparklers tonight!  So hopefully I can take enough advil to make that happen.  I'm also behind on house work, and laundry, and editing the wedding I shot last weekend:) 

Otherwise we are having a pretty decent summer here.  The boys are lucky that their grandmother takes them to the pool almost every day while we are at work and Puck is enjoying his introduction into Swim Team by being on the developmental team.  They don't compete but they practice 3 times a week and get a lot of great instruction on how to swim the strokes.

Cade is still patching 4 hours a day and using the Atropine drops once a week.  We were supposed to have his follow up appointment on Monday but thanks to the Deracho we had here near DC many were without power.  It's been rescheduled for Friday!  I'm really hoping for some good news that all of these things are working.  If you are a Mama dealing with vision issues for your little one there is a Facebook page you might like

Vacay countdown has begun!  We are taking an actual beach vacation this year to Florida.  We are taking our boys back to the beach where Hubs and I were introduced to his family for the first time after we got engaged.  I'm excited to go back 12 years later and bring our boys with us.  They are so excited about playing with their cousins whom they never get a chance to see since we are spread out all over the country:)

Better get to that laundry...

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