Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hurry Up & Wait and wait some more...

I still have no answers about Muffin.  We met the Child Psychologist and she observed him and said she was going to need to score the Autism questionnaires.  I'm still waiting.

Then we went for the follow-up with the ENT on his clogged ear tube.  They said the tube could be coming out but let's try drops for 10 days and then follow up again...meanwhile it's still affecting his hearing but no one seems overly concerned about this but me.

More driving, more hours off work, more doctors appointments, more co-pays:(  I'm sick of it.  I had to pick him up early from school today and when he saw me he looked so disappointed and said, "Where are we going?"  He said this with the saddest face you can imagine.  He is sick of all these never ending doctors appointments...all I could say was, "I'm so sorry buddy..."

In the next 30 days he will be returning to the Pediatric Ophthalmologist, the ENT, the Child Psychologist, and the Audiologist.

Boo. I think I want to cry. What kind of emotional damage are all these doctor appointment causing?


*Jess* said...

that must be so tough :( I'm sorry you guys have to go through this to find answers!

Danifred said...

I'm so sorry this is such a process. I hope answers are coming your way soon.

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

I wouldn't think emotional damage as much as medical exhaustion...for you and him. I'm sorry you've got to go through all of this, but it will taper off at some point. It's got to!