Monday, February 27, 2012

Muffin Needs Glasses:(

I guess I should have seen it coming after he failed his vision screening last week at the 5 year well-check.  I should have seen it coming...but I didn't.  I made the appointment with the Opthamologist and we went this afternoon.  Note that this type of evaluation requires him to make a lot of eye contact with people he has never met, eye contact not one of his skills here.  Right away he blurted out, " I can't see it" as they tried to repeat the same test he had at the Pediatricians office.  They dilated his eyes and 40 minutes (and numerous joy rides up and down the elevators) later they performed some other tests...1 eye is drastically different then the other so the plan is to try and strengthen the bad eye.

Are you saying...Glasses?  OMG, he needs glasses?!?  If you knew anything about Muffin and if you have been reading this blog for awhile then you too will be thinking OMG.

Yep, glasses.  To hopefully strengthen the weaker eye so he can be weaned off he glasses.  If that doesn't work they may give him a a pirate.

I'm exhausted just thinking about what life for Muffin with glasses will mean for both him and me.

It didn't help that this morning I found a note in his backpack from his teacher asking me to send his weighted vest back in, seems he's having trouble sitting in circle time again.

1 step forward, 3 steps back.

Tomorrow we go to select the first pair of glasses.  I hope they have yellow ones.  He likes yellow...


Tezzie said...

Awww, of luck with Muffin's glasses! Let's hope it goes better than you think <3 (at the very least, he'll be perfectly adorable in glasses, but I would be much easier without them)

Sending you hugs for strength, my friend :)

Danifred said...

Hugs Mama! Hang in there. Seriously- one of these days we need to arrange a coffee/ wine/ margarita date and let the kids just run like crazy while we drink!

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

I have read your blog on and off for awhile now, but I am not good about commenting.

When I read this post, my heart went out to you. My daughter got glasses this past year, and it brings about s myriad of feelings.
She patches her eyes as well. I am no expert on it by any means. But I thought I would recommend a website which also has a fb page where you can ask any questions and lots of people are there to help.

L. Merical said...
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L. Merical said...

ps: I forgot to add
as long as you have his prescription the glasses are super cheap, and I can only imagine how rough Muffin will be on glasses ;)

and here's some cute yellow ones, $10[]=745&color_basic[]=769

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

I did think OMG, but then I read ahead (I always read the ending first).

My mother didn't get her first pair of glasses until she was in 7th grade. She never knew what leaves looked like...she just thought there were green blobs at the end of the branches. It was a whole new world.