Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Hate to Admit It but...

My laptop is back in action thanks to a new hard drive installation compliments of the Hubs.  I only use this computer for browsing the internet while lounging on the couch at night so I didn't lose anything when it crashed.    So maybe, just maybe I'll be able to get back to blogging on a semi-regular basis now.  Stay tuned;)

As I've been going through my daily life I have been trying to take mental notes about all the things that I think would make a good blog post.  I'm going to try to recall them here and most of them involve things I hate to admit but are true.

I hate to admit it but I don't cook.  Not at all unless it's frozen or freeze dried and requires only the push of a button on the microwave or adding a cup or two of water.  As always (or more accurately from time to time) I become interested in working out and eating healthy by counting calories and laying off the wine.  I found a 400 calorie recipe for Tarragon Chicken Salad and took a trip to the grocery store to pick up all the ingredients.  I couldn't find anything I was looking for and spent almost 45 minutes wandering around trying to locate new potatoes and scallions.  Are green onions the same as scallions?  Why the hell do things have to have multiple names and how many kinds of potatoes could there be?  None of which said, new potatoes.  I had to pick those up in the canned goods aisle.  Is that right?  I spent $49.00.  WTF?  I suck.  Why do I even bother?  Whipping up even the simplest dish leaves me out of time and out of money and 2 days later I still haven't had the time to make the Tarragon Chicken Salad and I lost my recipe.  Tell me again why I don't cook? 

I hate to admit it but I think homework at the 1st grade level is stupid and pointless and only punishes the parents.  I am not  a teacher.  Never wanted to be a teacher so trying to teach my kids how to read, write, and spell is not an activity that I enjoy at the end of the day after commuting 2 hours, working for 8, folding laundry, making my kids dinner (because I still do that), doing the dishes, packing lunches, feeding the dog.  I literally collapse in bed sometimes and realize I forgot to shower.  Forgot!  Good Lord thank you for Dove Lemon Scented Body Spray...  What I hate most about homework is that it often ends in arguments and tears with Puck.  This makes me very unhappy because that's the last thing I want him to remember about his day.  Grrr...

I hate to admit it but Muffin didn't pass his vision screening at his 5 year old well check and now he has to see an opthamologist.  I really hope he doesn't need glasses, that's the last thing he needs.    He also didn't pass the hearing screening so we'll be returning to the audiologist as well. 

Otherwise, things are good here;) 


THE mom said...

My dude is in Kindergarten and he gets homework. :(
And I don't cook either. Hubs made a comment to me ONCE about how what I cooked "sucked" so since then I don't cook. Only for the dudes if hubs has other things to do like school or rugby.

Martine said...

I'm thankful my mom is a goddess in the kitchen and taught me a lot about cooking. As far as potatoes go, they recommend one type but any will work! And I had no idea there was such a thing as canned potatoes!!

I hope the eye doctor visit goes well, I've been wearing glasses since I was 3 , it's rough on kids I hope it goes ok for him :(

Tiffany said...

Oh my! Your cooking debacle sounds like a nightmare to me, and I cook on a regular basis.
I recommend sticking to simple. Or you can try what I'm using-
You can pick your grocery store, choose low fat, low carb or regular meals and they send you weekly menus. I have found that I have not needed to buy weird things. And yes, scallions are green onions. I think the name difference depends on what part of the onion you use. (the top or the bottom)

Don't give up! :)

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

If I lived closer to you, I'd take you grocery shopping 101! I could help you (if you're interested)! I used to be just as bad...

Since stopping work and tutoring, I've changed my whole tune on homework. I don't necessarily think it has to do with being a parent either...I just see it in a different light.

That part about the screenings would make me nuts...hope it's better than your worst thoughts.

SmartBear said...

Argh....don't even get me started on the homework! It's such crap. Will be thinking good thoughts for your little guy and hoping his vision and ears are fine.

Danifred said...

Homework is usually pointless for most kids. It makes me crazy to see teachers give homework for the wrong reasons (90% of the time).

Have you ever done the Dinner Done thing? I just tried the pick up from the one in C'ville and it has worked out pretty well. Of course, I had a groupon :)

I'm going to have to check out this Dove body spray business!