Monday, January 16, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

#1 Stacked Up
Seems there are always stacks of laundry around here...
#2 Winter Wonderland
It doesn't look wintery but it sure is cold....rare since we seem to be having an Indian Summer.
#3 Sweet
Made these yesterday to share with a neighbor that just had her 2nd baby:)
#4 Hole
The little hole that gets punched in my K-Cup each morning:)
My youngest son basically lives off frozen pancakes and waffles.

I threw these together today as a way to force myself to pick my camera back up. I've been a bit burnt out after a super busy Fall. More to come, I hope. Here's to a fresh perspective.


CanadianMama said...

Yum - I LOVE rice krispies!!!

Ashley Sisk said...

Great work - those rice krispies do look delicious.

sugarnspicemakeseverythingnice said...

Love the clothes pic..definitely never ending!

BF said...

Your sweets shot is lovely! Yum! And a box of mini pancakes, that sounds dangerous. Nice job!

For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

I loved this. I was wondering about that "new" camera...that isn't so new anymore.

What do you use to edit. I got photshop elements for xmas and am totally lost and overwhelmed. My boys would live on eggo too. I can't buy them becuase we go through a whole box a day. haha. I love them too. So homemade is how we survive. And I make them a LOT.

Shanna said...

Great finds and beautiful photography.

Danifred said...

I love these day to day glimpses of life.

Amanda M. said...

Love the frozen picture! My kids went through a whole box of those this weekend!

alita jewel said...

These were so creative! Great set.


Honey Mommy said...

Great shots! My boys love Eggo waffles, so I let them have them for dinner whenever my hubby has to work late!