Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Blues

I hate Mondays, as I imagine most people do.  Actually I hate Tuesdays more because I'm actually off on Mondays and Tuesday is my first day back to work for the week.

It's rare that I ever get a Monday "off".  There are so many school holidays, teacher workdays, etc.  When everyone else is at home or work there are errands and appointments for me or the dog or whatever.  Today the kids actually have a 2 hour delay (apparently there was some ice..somewhere?!?). So as I write this and sip coffee the sounds of Super Mario Galaxy can be heard in the background as Puck and Muffin chatter back and forth about the best way to play the game.  It's amazing to hear their conversations with each other, especially when they are getting along!

Tomorrow I turn 36.  Wow, 36 years old...  In my mind I feel exactly the same way I felt when I was 17, I just don't look like it from the outside, LOL!  Hubs and I get to go on a birthday date since we celebrated with the kids this past weekend. 

I MUST get back to the gym this week.  I have not been able to break the 150lbs mark.  I will do it, right after my birthday....hehehehhe:)

Have a great week!!

PS:  Does anyone know why my old pictures in the blog are not viewable and I can only see a black triangle with an exclamation point?????


*Jess* said...

I deleted old pictures from my Picasa account and it, in turn, deleted them from my blog posts. Did you do that by any chance?

BF said...

What Jess said! I reached max capacity on my Picasa, so I started deleting not realizing they were deleting from my blog posts. So I kept doing it. Then I started deleting in larger quantities, and a box came up with a warning that I skimmed by (probably a DO NOT DO THIS, type thing)... So for the first 6 months or so of blogs all my photos are gone, and I refuse to go through and add them back on (too time consuming). Now I pay for unlimited space on Flickr and load my photos through there. It's like $20 /yr or something. It's worth it for me, since I post so many photos. Sorry, this got really long!