Monday, December 31, 2012

Years End

I can't say that 2012 was my favorite year.  It's been a long year with many ups and just as many downs but be that as it may, we have arrived on the last day.  I do love the idea of a restart, a do over, a clean slate.  It's hard not to set resolutions for the new year when the idea of a completely fresh start is sitting right in front of you.

  • Improve my memory - I'm so forgetful
  • Put the laundry away after I fold it.
  • Lose 30lbs, once and for all!
  • Walk my dog EVERYDAY because he deserves it.  
  • Be more patient, even if I'm tired.
  • Go to Church
  • Be present.

Seems simple enough.  Happy New Year:)

Sunday, December 30, 2012


What a difference a day makes! Puck spent most of the day in his wheel chair today!  He even let Hubs wheel him down to a friends house to watch a movie on their new 3D TV!  He smiled.  He had fun.  We made several trips to the dreaded bathroom and best of all he tried using the crutches...twice!  It's not easy, walking on crutches so I'm glad we have the wheel chair.  I know as each day passes he will get stronger and stronger.  His Grammie sent pizza and several friends came to share that pizza and play with his new Wii U that Santa brought.  I was upstairs folding laundry and I could hear the kids laughing like any other day and it made me smile too.

I'm super happy to report that he even made it upstairs to his bed:)  He scooted up the steps on his bottom one at a time with the biggest look of accomplishment on his face:)  So proud of my big guy for facing his fears:)  It's going to be a long road but after what I saw him do today I know that we can do this!

What Day Is It?

I've lost track of time.  It hasn't even been 48 hours since Puck broke his leg in 2 places.  He is so far unable to walk with crutches through either fear of pain, pain, or both.  He won't allow up to move him at all.  Getting him home from the hospital was not easy.

Reuniting with his brother, Puck was all smiles:)

I forced him to use the wheel chair to get to the bathroom last night which felt like a come to Jesus moment.  I think we were both crying by the time I got him there.  I taught him to yell out "afraid" or "hurts" as I couldn't decipher his screams.  It seemed to work and for the most part he was afraid.

He slept on the couch last night and my husband slept beside him on an air mattress.

I hope today is better.  As long as we aren't asking him to move he is in pretty good spirits.  I'm trying not to look too far ahead down the road like how am I supposed to go back to work when he is like this and how is he going to go to school?

Friday, December 28, 2012

Broken Leg

At noon today, 20 minutes into the Les Miserables movie with my mother in law I got an urgent text from my husband. I dashed from the theatre to call him and my husbands words terrified me. Puck fell off his new electric scooter and broke his leg. He actually broke it in 2 places. The tibia and fibula both broken. I raced to the hospital. Where he had already had X-rays and been given morphine for pain. Due to the severity of the break He had to be transferred from the satellite ER to the main hospital by ambulance. Every step along the way taking 10 times longer than it needed to take, or at least it seemed like that. Around 6pm he was finally taken to the OR where they set the bones and put on a cast from his thigh to his toes. He will be in a cast for 8 weeks. 8 weeks of nothing fun for my little man who never stops moving.

His Poppy & Mac ordered him pizza to his hospital room and we watched Brave and The Smurfs. It's so hard to see your child's fear and not be able to take it away. He is sleeping comfortably now but I'm here in his hospital room wide awake. I can't stop thinking about all the little things that are now going to be so hard for him. He will most likely miss the whole season of Spring soccer. I had just signed him up for winter swim this morning. How is he supposed to get on and off the school bus or get through the lunch line?

His other grandma, Mimi took Muffin all day and for a sleepover at her house. He was so concerned about his big brother saying, "I hope you feel better soon." and asking repeatedly if the doctors fixed Pucks bones yet.

I'm thankful it's nothing worse. I'm thankful that his leg will heal. I'm so bummed for my baby.

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Well, it's done.  All the preparations all the wrapping, cooking, baking, cleaning, and elf-on-the-shelfing...done.  I'm happy to say I only forgot to move out Elf, Ralphie one time.  We made up for it when Ralphie actually showed up in our hotel room at Great Wolf Lodge.  Redeemed.

Under the waterfall at Great Wolf Lodge


Muffin jumping over the logs

In the Lobby

The big gift this year was the Electric Scooters.  They go 15mph...ugg.  Why must Santa bring such dangerous gifts that will certainly end us up in the ER?  Why?

Muffin's list was simple:  A Superman Toy and a Giant Stuffed Sonic.  This is what he would repeat if you asked him what he wanted.  Puck wanted The Electric Scooter and Anti-Gravity Shoes.  What are those?

I was glad to have my dad with us here Christmas eve and morning.  It's such a gift.

I wonder how many more Christmases we will have with Puck still believing in Santa?  Time is flying. I'd post pix from Christmas but I can't find my camera.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Winter Ick

So Muffin is on the mend from his pneumonia but then this morning Puck comes into my room saying he doesn't feel well.  He's been camped out on the couch all morning and has a fever that so far has reached 100.  I hate this time of year it's like the germs are just everywhere waiting to attack.

We put the fake tree up yesterday sans decorations.  You gotta love pre-lit.  This is the tree that is in our family room. We still put the big real tree in the living room.  This tree is really more for me....white lights and only red and white ornaments.  It's a girly momma tree:)  I love looking at it when I sack out on the couch to sip some red wine and watch HGTV at night! 

I started repairing the drywall in the powder room yesterday so prepare it for paint.  I really needs a redo.  I hate the lavender paint that's been in their for 7 years now and every time the cleaning lady came she managed to get bleach everywhere.

* I was going to post a photo but google says I'm out of space:( you pay $2.49 a month???

Friday, November 23, 2012


Every year we typically have Thanksgiving with my Dad, Stepmom and her very large and fun Italian family.  This year, her uncle was in the hospital and it's pretty serious.  This came after 2 other older family members ended up in the hospital as well.  They had to cancel Thanksgiving.  It is the kind of Thanksgiving that requires them to rent out the party room of their condo and have enough place settings for 20+ people!  The boys love Thanksgiving at Poppy & Mac's.  They love that Aunt Lena let's them play in the gym.  I always enjoy the time I get to spend with my dad.  I don't know how things will turn out for Uncle T but I pray that the family can find peace.

We invited some friends over that were also going to be Thanksgiving-It alone.  It worked out wonderfully as they already had a Turkey so they dropped it off so my amazing cooking Hubs could prepare and cook it!  I found a festive table cloth and had it over-nighted and one big trip to the grocery store was all it took to pull off a great Thanksgiving.  It was our first as a married couple that we had no "culinary" help from the elders.  I think we did great.

Also a few days before Thanksgiving Muffin was diagnosed with Pneumonia.  You would hardly even know he is sick, this kid is so tough.  We have a follow up today to see if the antibiotics are working.  I hope they are.  Hubs said they could hospitalize him...I hope not.  I'm coughing a lot too....I really hope I don't have it...  He's a trooper though, that's for sure.

It was a good day and the Hubs and I finished it off with a few bourbon and cokes and watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  It's how we always kick off the Christmas season:)

I'm thankful for...


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers, on Saturday

  • I am so guilty of blog neglect and we have had such a fun and busy fall that later in life I will have probably forgotten all the cool things we did.  I will try to get back on the blogging train.
  • Speaking of that.  Have anyone out there ever printed their blog into a book?  If so, how did it turn out?
  • Puck is playing Winter Futsol (it's like indoor soccer).  He is really coming along and we hope he will build more on skills before the Spring.  He needs a little endurance training...
  • Did I forget to mention we got a new kitty?  Her name is Pepper. 

  • I'm really not excited about Christmas this year.  I hope I can get into the spirit soon.  It really is my favorite time of the year.  Maybe I should just spend some time on Pinterest.
  • I will knit a scarf this winter if it kills me.
  • Lifted up the rug that's been in our family room for eight years...ewe.  Must purchase new rug on payday!
  • I might get to go to Vegas next year with the Hubs on his conference for work.  I've never been that would be so fun.
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It's so quiet around here today.   It's a Saturday morning and the boys have been upstairs for hours now playing video games together.  I hate to admit this, but it is nice to be able to sleep in a bit on the weekends now that the boys are more self sufficient and not demanding breakfast right away.  The Hubs got up this morning and made them breakfast.  Getting them to pause the game long enough to come eat was something of a miracle.  I don't feel too guilty though, they aren't allowed to play on school mornings at all and for limited time after school. 

Last weekend we spent the weekend at my friends cabin in the West Virginia mountains.  I had no service on my iPhone and I have to say, it was nice to be completely disconnected.  I think I'm going to "disconnect" more often.  The boys loved the camp fire and just being boys.  Strangely enough, they liked making smores but not eating them.  What's wrong with these children?

Collecting firewood

8 years you even believe it?

Muffin...all grown up!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Maybe someday you'll read this...


You have only been 8 for a couple of weeks and it's as if overnight you grew up.  I'm so impressed with your maturity, behaving in the grocery store, helping with house hold chores, and doing as you're told.  It means so much to me.

Every time you look at me with that smile and those blue eyes I stop for a minute and try and commit your sweet face as it is right now to memory forever.

I love you, so much!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Costume Recap

The boys had a blast:)  Here are just a few shots to show how excited they were:)

They totally posed like this spontaneously! 


My Vampire:)

New Blog

To learn more about my life as a working mom, please join me on my personal blog, HERE!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I wish I wasn't at work today. I'm feeling like a kid myself and ready to watch my boys go door-to-door saying, "TRICK-or-TREAT!" This year Muffin will be Superman and Puck has crossed over to the un-cute to be a Vampire (fake blood required)!

My neighborhood is so packed with kids that you can barely get down the sidewalk during Halloween night. After 2 days off school due to Hurricane Sandy I bet it's crazy in those classrooms today:)

Stay safe and don't steal too much candy from your kids stash tonight!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

It's been awhile since I've posted pictures of the boys so I thought today would be a good reason.  You really won't believe how big they have gotten.  After coming through Hurricane Sandy last night I was awaken by 2 boys begging to carve their pumpkins!  I hadn't even sipped my first cup of coffee before I was scooping out pumpkin guts.

Puck is turning 8 this weekend.  8.  I can hardly believe it.  We've got a sleepover planned for a few of his friends.  It ought to be a "fun" night.  Muffin is doing well in Kindergarten and has continued to patch his eye to improve his Amblyopia. Enjoy the pix!

As you can see they are still in their PJ's!

Showing Mom how he wants his face to be carved.

He did almost all the work by himself this year!


Have you ever been called to do something?   Has an idea or a feeling ever crept up into your heart and your mind and grabbed on really tight?

I don't know exactly where it came from but I feel like I've been called to consider adoption.  I know people that have adopted for various reasons.  I have 2 biological children so I don't "need" to adopt to have my family.  I don't need to adopt a child for me, a child needs us to adopt her.  Is it possible that there is some little girl out there waiting for a home in China, or Kazakhstan, or Bulgaria?  I've been reading blogs, and searching the internet trying to soak up every bit of information I can.  There are literally thousands of children abandoned every year because their parents can't take care of them or because they have some kind of special need (minor to severe), or sometimes even just because that baby is a girl.  They don't live in foster care, they live in orphanages....

Unfortunately, adopting a child internationally is extremely expensive.  We're talking $15,000 to $30,000+ and typically travel is required to the county 1 - 3 times and in some instances require very long stays.  It can also take a really long time.   We would have to fundraise, a lot.  Apply for a grant and maybe consider a child with minor or correctable special needs.  There are many children with cleft lips/palates that are easily corrected here in the US.

I feel like I've been called to do this.  I think my husband would consider this as well but getting over the financial hurdles seems bleak at best.

Hmmm.... feeling powerless to help.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Letting Go

I did something this weekend that was very hard for me to do...

I sorted through the baby clothes and passed on much of the collection to friends and the goodwill.

I folded those little clothes for the last time and really had no idea that when I stored then away so carefully that there would never be another baby of mine to wear them.

Time had passed quickly while we were busy living life and even though there are more reasons to not have a 3rd than there are in favor of another baby, that didn't make me want one any less. I think I'll always wonder what it would have been like to have a daughter. I've accepted that part of my life is finished. No more babies for me.

I love my sons more than anything in the world. I'm looking forward to all that is to come.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I wouldn't normally say that I am a "religious"person, I don't quote scripture or pray before meals but I do believe in God. My husband and I were married in the Catholic Church where I grew up as a kid. I actually didn't become a catholic until I was in high school. My parents who had also been married in the Catholic Church and pledged to raise their children as catholic, finally got around to it when I was about 15 years old.  I resented it.  I was a hormonal, selfish teen and had more important thinks to worry about, like school and boys;)
Overtime I grew to appreciate going to Mass and even attended occasionally during college.

Fast forward to 2012 and I have an almost 8 year old in the 2nd grade. This is the year that he is supposed to receive 1st Holy Communion. I didn't want him to have negative feelings like I did so I knew the sooner the better at getting him into some kind if religious education was important. I enrolled him in CCD classes so that he could receive 1st Penance and 1st Communion with classmates his age. I was really nervous about it. Nervous for him and nervous for me.  I took him to his first Mass and he did pretty good considering its not all that exciting for kids. (I wish there was a children's Mass...)

His response to the CCD has been amazing.  He likes going.  When I ask him how was class he says, "I loved it!"  He did his CCD homework in the car on the way home from class one night.  So I'm thinking, "Wow, maybe something was missing for him and this was it."  I'm feeling like I made the right call.  It was a difficult decision to make as my husband is not catholic and isn't interested in being catholic but he agreed our son needed to learn about God and that there is someone other than mom and dad calling the shots.

This process will also result in Puck getting Baptised which honestly I have wanted since the beginning.  Puck and I will be on this journey together as in order to teach him the prayers he has to memorize, I have to learn them too.  To help with his homework I'll have to read the stories too.  The memorization of the prayers is intense!  He came home after they quizzed the kids and he only knew one we have our work cut out for us but we'll be doing it together.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Long Day

It's been a long day and it's only half over. A horrendous commute this morning not to mention a challenging morning at work I wish I could lay my head on the desk and go to sleep. I've got a PTO meeting tonight too so I better find some energy somewhere.

The boys have been staying up later and later so bedtime has been challenging. By the time I put them in bed I am so exhausted and drained from the day I don't make enough time to be patient and snuggle and read books. I feel guilty for this. I want them to get the best of me, not the leftovers. Some nights I just can't give anything more. I vow to change this! They grow bigger everyday. Going through the baby clothes now and deciding what to give away and what to donate. It's so sad folding all those tiny clothes for the last time. I know that I'll blink and they will be teenagers...

Monday, October 8, 2012

Cleaning House

I've had it with packed closets, marked up walls, and wear & tear on my house. No one seems to notice but me so I've decided to repair it myself. Slowly, mind you. I can't fix it all but I can certainly bring it up to a standard that I expect for myself. I painted Pucks room last week on my day off and I forgot how fulfilling it can be to complete a home improvement project.

I can't do it all but the things I can do I will just start crossing them off my list one at a time. Next office:)

In addition to fixing up my house I will also be concentrating on fixing up myself! I can't believe how much weight I've gained and ignoring it isn't going to help. I'm starting a new plan this morning and I'm hoping this will get me back into my favorite jeans before winter is out.

Take pride in my surroundings. Take pride in myself. Be happy:)

Sunday, September 16, 2012


I LOVE watching Puck play soccer, LOVE it!  It is the most exciting thing to see him giving 100% effort at something.  Yesterday was the first game and he really did use all the skills he learned last year.  I miss our old team but it's always nice to meet new people too.  I didn't take any pictures as it was hectic with both Puck and Muffin's games happening at the same time.  Muffin wasn't as excited about playing soccer this time, not sure why.  He loved it last time.  So we will have to see how that goes. 

Can't wait until next weeks games, photos to come for sure!

Thursday, September 13, 2012


I love the Summer but I'm usually ready for it to end once Fall rolls around.  Cooler weather, sweaters, and blue jeans.  We've been sleeping with the windows open and when you wake up the air is fresh and the sheets are cool against your body.  Of course, it's really dark when you have to get up early to go to work, but there is still just something special about it.

So far the year is off to a good start.  Muffin is taking Kindergarten in stride although I'm sure he doesn't eat lunch at least 2 days a week.  Lasagna was not a big hit for my picky eater but I'm inclined not to give in and pack his lunch yet.  I love that he is exposed to new food choices everyday and surrounded by peers that are eating all of said choices! 

Puck has started CCD.  I have to admit I haven't been to Mass since I was married over 10 years ago but since he is in 2nd grade this year and this is the year 1st Communion is received I felt compelled to get moving in the religious education department.  Hubs is not catholic so it took a little convincing but the first class went well and it's truly time for Puck to know that there is a higher power than mom and dad enforcing all the rules.

Soccer has also begun and the boys are really enjoying it, especially Puck.  That week of summer soccer camp really paid off and I can't wait to watch him play in his first game on Saturday.  I really love to watch him play:)  It's fun to see your child really excited about something and wanting to be good at it.

Me...well I'm trying to take it all in stride.  It's a really busy time of the year.  I'm trying to set my priorities for myself and my family.  I need to take better care of myself, physically and mentally.  I've been cooking a bit and looking into healthier ways of eating for both me and the kids.

Puck watching over Muffin on his 1st day boarding the bus for Kindergarten!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fish Bowl

Not that anyone is even reading anymore but I have been unable to blog.  Truthfully, I started blogging as a way to talk about things that were deeply personal.  I saw it as therapy.  Now I feel like I'm swimming in a fish bowl and people that know me IRL are reading without letting me know they are reading and so I just don't want to say anything at all.

I'm just not sure where to go with this blog.  I miss reading your comments and I'm so behind on all of your blogs and for that I'm sorry.

Not sure what to do...

Monday, September 3, 2012

Tomorrow is the Day

...that I send my baby off to Kindergarten.  I can't believe the time has come to put Muffin on the school bus and watch is drive off down the street.

I love this kid and he has come so far but he is still Muffin.  Last night he had a total meltdown when we realized his new favorite PJ's were in the dryer.  He cried for 45 minutes (the compete dry cycle) and he kept telling me he was "so sad" and the tears just kept coming as if it was the worst possible sadness he could imagine.  He wasn't going to give this battle up and he didn't go to sleep until I pulled the warm PJ's from the dryer and handed them over.

Muffin in St. Augustine, FL this summer
I know I will ball like a baby when I put my "baby" on the bus tomorrow morning.  I know just the site of him wearing his new Mario.Bros backpack will make the tears prick my eyes.  I hope he just gets on the bus with only excitement and no fear.  I don't want to send this kid out into the world but I know I have to.  I literally feel like a Mama bird pushing her baby bird out of the nest and forcing him to fly.

Good luck tomorrow Muffin, I know you are destined for Kindergarten greatness:)  So much love:)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Treading Water

We are enjoying our vacation away from the Northern Virginia area.  If it were up to me I would never go back.  Except for some friends and family I think that place has given me all it can.  Housing is ridiculous and the higher salaries don't even come close to making up  for it.  I commute at least an hour each way everyday and it's wearing on me...big time.  How am I going to continue that for the next 20 years?  Is that what I'm supposed to do?  Am I being selfish?  What if we could go somewhere else?  What if we could have a single family home?  or a pool? (like in Florida).   I don't know.  I don't know what the right thing to do is.  I've lived in the DC Metro area my whole life.  Life is stressful there.  Everything moves so fast and I think I'm ready to slow down.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers - Careful it's Scortching Edition

  • It's going to be 106 degrees today and I have to work...outside.  Hopefully it won't be more than an hour and a half.  Not looking forward to that.  I'll be photographing a large swim team.  Wish me luck that I don't pass out and land in the pool with my camera.
  • Great report at Muffin's Pediatric OP appointment yesterday.  In 4 weeks he has gone from 20/70 to 20/40 in his weak eye with glasses on!!!!  This is a HUGE improvement and means that the patching and Atropine drops are working:)  I'm so glad.  So we have to keep up with our current regimen for 6 more weeks and then we can start to taper off.
  • Vacay countdown has begun.  We will be heading to St. Augustine for somewhat of a family reunion.   I can't wait to take my boys to the beach where my husband and I celebrated out engagement.  Puck and Muffin are so excited about playing with all their cousins (also boys) as they never get to see each other.  So along with the countdown, comes laundry, shopping, and overall prep.  
  •  I love my boys <3.
Please join in the dinner party and bring your favorite leftovers to Danifred's table!  Tell her I sent you!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sparklers & Sprinklers

It was a calm and low key 4th given that this year the holiday fell on a Wednesday.  We spent the morning chilling indoors and staying out of the heat, especially since mama was still feeling sick:(  I toughed it out though because that's what mamas do. 

We enjoyed a nice dinner of burgers on the grill with good friends and cold beer.  The kids were occupied with tie-dying t-shirts (luckily they didn't seem to care that the Red, White, and Blue, turned out Pink, Purple, and Lavendar, hahah!  Late afternoon ended with fun in the sun on a slip and slide to tide them over until dark.

These boys LOVE fireworks and couldn't get enough!

Doing camera tricks for mama!

Still squinting that right eye...
 This kid was terrified the last couple of years and would cover his ears and bury his face in my chest but now that has all changed.  My little Muffin couldn't get enough.  He kept asking why we didn't have the ones that go really high!  It's hard to explain that those are "illegal" in Virginia.  There was plenty to see though on all sides of our neighborhood.  You can see how happy he is:)
That expression is called JOY!

More Sparklers!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Yay, it's the 4th of Strep July.  Muffin had strep last week and now I think I've got it.  Of course when I called my doctors office 2 days ago they didn't have any available appointments.  That made me so mad I got snarfy with the lady on the phone.  I knew I needed antibiotics now!  Hubs ended up having a Z-Pak he never took so I decided to take it (gasp) instead of going to the doctor and wasting a copay, etc.  Well I just took the 3rd dose and my throat is still killing me.  I don't think it's working.  Now, it's July 4th so the doctors office isn't open.   Sigh.....  I had big plans to party and watch fireworks tonight with my babes.  I HATE being sick.

I really wanted to try and get some fun photos of the kids with sparklers tonight!  So hopefully I can take enough advil to make that happen.  I'm also behind on house work, and laundry, and editing the wedding I shot last weekend:) 

Otherwise we are having a pretty decent summer here.  The boys are lucky that their grandmother takes them to the pool almost every day while we are at work and Puck is enjoying his introduction into Swim Team by being on the developmental team.  They don't compete but they practice 3 times a week and get a lot of great instruction on how to swim the strokes.

Cade is still patching 4 hours a day and using the Atropine drops once a week.  We were supposed to have his follow up appointment on Monday but thanks to the Deracho we had here near DC many were without power.  It's been rescheduled for Friday!  I'm really hoping for some good news that all of these things are working.  If you are a Mama dealing with vision issues for your little one there is a Facebook page you might like

Vacay countdown has begun!  We are taking an actual beach vacation this year to Florida.  We are taking our boys back to the beach where Hubs and I were introduced to his family for the first time after we got engaged.  I'm excited to go back 12 years later and bring our boys with us.  They are so excited about playing with their cousins whom they never get a chance to see since we are spread out all over the country:)

Better get to that laundry...

Saturday, June 16, 2012


It's been awhile, I know.  I realize I have left some questions unanswered.

  • Muffin's Child Psychologist determined that based on the Asperger's evaluations we submitted the results were inconclusive.  He is doing well and we are moving forward and will re-visit this in Kindergarten if problems arise.  He really is doing great.  So social and outgoing now, talking constantly so much that sometimes I wish he would stop, lol!  

  • If you recall he had to get glasses a couple of months ago.  Muffin has Amblyopia.  So now he has to patch his eye and have Atropine drops in the good eye to help improve his vision in the bad eye.  He has to wear the patch for 4 hours a day and he is taking it all in stride.  Please get your child's eyes checked BEFORE the 5 year well-check.  Looking back I'm sure we could have started to correct this a couple of years ago.  Click on this link for more information on Amblyopia .  Amblyopia can actually lead to functional blindness in the weaker eye if left untreated!  Now, go get that check up!

  • School has ended so in the Fall Muffin will be starting Kindergarten (OMG) and Puck will be a 2nd grader!!  

  • Last night an over-the-door pull-up bar fell on Pucks head.  He started screaming and when I saw him he had blood all down the side of his face.  I freaked, I admit it.  He ended up in the ER where they glued the gash back together.  The only downside is no swimming for 5 days.  He's going to miss his first 2 days of developmental swim team practice. Uggg:(

  • I hope to post some pix soon:)  Life has just been moving break-neck speed here!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Working-Mom Morning Routine

Let's just say, it sucks. Gone are the days of rising out of bed and turning on the lights and your favorite funny radio show while you shower, primp, and select clothing for the day.


Now my alarm goes off at 6:00am and I really need to set it earlier but I just can't bare to do so. Getting up earlier then 6:00 am should be illegal. This morning I literally whimpered, "Noooo!" when I heard that annoyingly familiar beep, beep, beep. Of course I hit the snooze button because I'm weak and lame like that. I know my husband hates it but it's truly an uncontrollable response. I stumble out of bed in the dark so as not to wake him even more or wake the boys who faithfully rise like roosters. I make it to the bathroom and shower (a miracle in itself) and realize I didn't set my clothes out the night before. This is something I hate to do. I prefer to be fashionably spontaneous, another trait that my hubs can't stand. So as quiet as I try to be while I take 3 or 4 trips in and out of the bathroom and into my closet and back again, I'm startled when I see a pair of little eyes spying on me. It was Muffin. So if he is awake his brother isn't far behind. Before I'm even fully clothed both boys, now 5 & 7 are up and ready to play. I try to persuade them to lay quietly in one of their rooms but I can hear them laughing all the way down the hallway. I know Hubs couldn't possibly be sleeping but he pretends, wishful thinking I suppose.

Then I head downstairs for a travel cup of coffee and go but they need my help to get their favorite morning appetizer, yogurt and cheerios, of course. I quickly get what they need and fulfill all their requests but I want to be there to take care of them but I have to rush out. I leave the house feeling like a bad mom and generally unorganized and slovenly to be quite honest.
I wonder what I should wear tomorrow...

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Mom Stigma

Do you have friends or co-workers that don't have children?  Either by choice or circumstance, it really doesn't matter.  Crap, I have family members that don't have kids and get the general same feeling from them.

It's hard to be a working mom.  It's hard to be a working mom with a commute that is over an hour, each way.  It's hard being a working mom that has a job requiring some weekend work in the months of April, May, an June.  It's hard being a mom who is now worried she will miss almost every soccer game the boys have this season (their first playing soccer, ever).

On Friday I left work a couple of hours early.  It was super slow as the majority of schools were on Spring Break and I work in sales for a school photography company.  As I was leaving a co-worker and friend made the comment, "I wish I had kids so I could leave early."  I responded that not everyone that has been leaving early has kids.  Having kids myself wasn't even the reason I was leaving early.  I was leaving early because it was Good Friday and I had almost nothing to do.

But still, it got me thinking.  It made me feel bad and reminded me about the constant dance I do as a working mom to please my family and my work.  I work because I have to so don't think that I just have this idea that I need a career to be important and all that...I work to help put food on the table and pay our mortgage.  That's it.  We have Saturday work coming up.  This is a huge source of stress for me as I think I will miss many of the boys soccer games and there isn't much I can do about it.  I don't think I should get  special consideration because I'm a mom but at the same time if you don't have a child depending on you to be somewhere to show your support then maybe it's not as vital that you work or not work on a Saturday.  Yes, if we work on a Saturday we can take a day off during the week but that doesn't do any good for the boys as they are in school and I might as well be at work anyway.

Don't look down on people that have chosen to be a parent.  You may think they are getting off easier than you but you would be wrong.  We spend all out time pleasing you and our kids and families while putting ourselves constantly last.

I'm not complaining.   I wouldn't want it any other way but it is a tough road and often feels like you can't please anyone.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Muffin's 1st Soccer Practice

Monday was Muffin's 1st practice ever and he rocked it!  Hubs and I had a blast watching this kid cruise around the field strutting his stuff.  He was totally excited about wearing his new uniform including the little strap for his glasses (that makes his ears stick out, lol)!
Posing for the camera, a rare event!

High 5 the coach.

Making new friends.

Leader of the pack!
We can't wait until next Monday to do it all over again:)  He has never smiled so much!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

  • I'm so glad it's Friday and I'm so glad next week is Spring Break.  Even though I'm not "off" like the boys are I did manage to get 2 days off so we will hopefully plan something fun to do.  I'm also just excited that I won't have to get their school clothes, bags, snacks, and lunches etc. prepared each night.  I hope it get's warm so I can take them to the ice cream place they love:)
  •  Hunger Games, Monday Night!  I can't wait:)
  • Muffin is currently obsessed with Honey Nut Cheerios.  It's nice to have a change of flavor around here.
  •  Muffin had his little Easter Show at his preschool.  I had to work but the hubs took a video for me.  This kid did so awesome!  I wanted to cry it was so amazing to see him on stage in front of all those strangers(big fear), singing, and doing an awesome job with the had motions.  Way to go kid!
  • Puck.  Is. So. Grown. Up.  Ahhhhh!
  • I fell asleep last night on the couch watching "Failure to Launch" on TBS, it was a really exciting Friday night, what can I say?
  • I've realized that I need to up my game wardrobe-wise for work.  I'm spending a lot more time in the office and now that I'm 36 I need to look the part.  I'd love to hear ideas on how to do this on a tight budget.  Also, I'm not that good at putting outfits together so I usually keep it simple but I love the looks I see other people coming up with.  

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hurry Up & Wait and wait some more...

I still have no answers about Muffin.  We met the Child Psychologist and she observed him and said she was going to need to score the Autism questionnaires.  I'm still waiting.

Then we went for the follow-up with the ENT on his clogged ear tube.  They said the tube could be coming out but let's try drops for 10 days and then follow up again...meanwhile it's still affecting his hearing but no one seems overly concerned about this but me.

More driving, more hours off work, more doctors appointments, more co-pays:(  I'm sick of it.  I had to pick him up early from school today and when he saw me he looked so disappointed and said, "Where are we going?"  He said this with the saddest face you can imagine.  He is sick of all these never ending doctors appointments...all I could say was, "I'm so sorry buddy..."

In the next 30 days he will be returning to the Pediatric Ophthalmologist, the ENT, the Child Psychologist, and the Audiologist.

Boo. I think I want to cry. What kind of emotional damage are all these doctor appointment causing?

Sunday, March 25, 2012


I feel like tomorrow is the first day of the rest of everything.  Tomorrow Muffin goes back with me to see the child psychologist.  We have all of our surveys filled out.  I have stacks of paper containing all the evaluations he has had in the past.

I just keep rolling the words around in my head...

Does my son have Asperger's?

Is it possible?

But he's doing so great....  Maybe he is just unique.

What would a diagnosis really mean?  Does it really matter?

I guess we'll find out.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

What a week!  I'm so glad it's Friday I can't even describe how happy I am:)  I worked a 13 hour day yesterday and I'm still tired, totally not used to pulling hours like that anymore.  Now, on to the Leftovers...

*Conversation with Muffin today on the way home from school (He's 5).

Cade: "Is my brain inside my head?"
Me: "Yes. Yes it is."
Cade: "That's why I'm not a zombie?"
Me: "Uh...yes."

*I met with a Child Psychologist today about Muffin.  Just one more professional to tell me what they think about all his quirky characteristics.  More questionnaires for the teachers to fill out, this time it's the GARS and ASDS. We will see where this goes, hopefully it puts my mind at ease.  I'm a little anxious but he has come so far and made so much progress.  Mostly, I just want to make sure he gets any and all services or extra help that he is entitled too.    He will return with me in a couple of weeks to meet her.  

*Today I weighed in at 150.8 lbs.  Which will surely be destroyed after the weekend.  Sigh.  I refuse to give up my wine on the weekends.

*Glasses are working out well, I'm shocked at how easy it's been.  Thank you Heather for telling my about the  it was so helpful as I navigated through this new hiccup.  

*Followed up with the Audiologist this week.  Hearing in Muffin's left ear is reduced.  They think the tube is blocked.  So.....back to the ENT at the end of the month and then back again to the Audiologist.  Sometimes I wish there was a Big Box Style Doctors office where when they find something wrong with you they just send you to to the other side of the office to see the other specialist.  All these appointments, driving, form filling-out, waiting, elevators...and on and on.  Yuck.  I hate the waiting...

*I'm starting to have Spring anxiety since I will have so many work/weekend conflicts.  Trying to avoid thinking about it.  People without kids or young kids seriously don't get how difficult it is to miss soccer games, soccer pictures, birthday parties, etc...

*Someone said to me this week when I was complaining about my commute that it was my choice to move to where I live (about an hours drive with traffic from home to work).  I had to stop them right there.  I moved to where I was so that I could afford a decent home to raise my kids in and send them to a great public school.  We still could only afford a townhouse and I sacrifice hours of my life so that they can live the same style childhood that I did when I was a kid.  The next time someone says that to me I will throttle them. 

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mid Week

OK so it's Wednesday and this is turning out to be one of the longest weeks I can remember.  Hubs has been down for a few days with a nasty stomach bug and his mom (our daycare provider) is also down.  That makes for quite a stressful week full of juggling schedules and work.  I've got a on-location work and sales meetings that involve driving and working late plus PTO work and Muffins got 2 doctor appointments.

...and it's only Wednesday.

If I try to look on the bright side then atleast tomorrow is Thursday, one day closer to the weekend. 

Today Muffin is back to the Audiologist after not doing well on his hearing check at his 5 Year Well Check appointment with his Pediatrician.  He just got glasses on Saturday so I'm really hoping his ears are ok!!!

Cade in his 2nd pair.  He prefers the blue but likes to change it up occationally:)
He is doing stellar with the glasses, BTW.  I think he just looks so adorable in them and I'm so happy he has taken to them so well.  I think he likes them so that tells me they are working. 

I need to make more time for Puck.  This is a very important goal for me.  I am way too hard on him and he is being such a good boy in school this year and such a good big brother too.  Puck loves to help daddy cook and yesterday helped me match up all the socks while I was folding the laundry.  I want to nurture our relationship so that it stays strong through those tween and teen years that I know will be here before I know it.

My 1st Love

Being a mom is what I am most proud of.  I hope they always feel how much I love them and how important they both are to me.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Glasses

Yesterday as we were sitting down to see The Lorax I received a call that Muffin's glasses were ready for pick up 2 days early.  I was so excited we went right over to "Wal-you know what".  I'm not really a fan of that place and avoid it at all costs but it was hands down the cheapest place for kids.  Thank you H, I took your advice.  I was able to get 2 different styles of glasses  to make sure he was comfortable and to have an extra pair on hand as I'm sure it's only days before one pair gets busted.  Fingers crossed.  He seemed somewhat excited too.  He was getting all kinds of looks as we were leaving because, let's face it, he IS the cutest kid to ever wear glasses;)  He did point an exclaim as we were leaving, "Look at that!"  I have no idea what he was talking about but he clearly was seeing something he couldn't before.

Cute, it's going to be hard to get an outside shot of him without the glare on his glasses.

He did great all day playing outside while I tried not to constantly nag with, "Watch the glasses, no, stop, don't do that...."  He was genuinely excited to show all the neighborhood kids his new glasses and seemed more outgoing than I've seen him in awhile.  I was feeling great until we came inside and he tried to watch TV and play Mario Gal.axy 2 (his favorite) and said several times, "I can't see."  He was taking the glasses off or looking over the rims.  After doing some research and asking all my FB friends, this may be temporary as he adjusts and if not, we will have the script re-checked in about 2 weeks.
So serious...

Seems to be taking it all in.

Nice view here, they are 2 shades of blue with a white strip around the edges.

He just asked me if he could wear his glasses to school tomorrow:)  I'm feeling a little triumphant.  One more little win for him!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Muffin Needs Glasses:(

I guess I should have seen it coming after he failed his vision screening last week at the 5 year well-check.  I should have seen it coming...but I didn't.  I made the appointment with the Opthamologist and we went this afternoon.  Note that this type of evaluation requires him to make a lot of eye contact with people he has never met, eye contact not one of his skills here.  Right away he blurted out, " I can't see it" as they tried to repeat the same test he had at the Pediatricians office.  They dilated his eyes and 40 minutes (and numerous joy rides up and down the elevators) later they performed some other tests...1 eye is drastically different then the other so the plan is to try and strengthen the bad eye.

Are you saying...Glasses?  OMG, he needs glasses?!?  If you knew anything about Muffin and if you have been reading this blog for awhile then you too will be thinking OMG.

Yep, glasses.  To hopefully strengthen the weaker eye so he can be weaned off he glasses.  If that doesn't work they may give him a a pirate.

I'm exhausted just thinking about what life for Muffin with glasses will mean for both him and me.

It didn't help that this morning I found a note in his backpack from his teacher asking me to send his weighted vest back in, seems he's having trouble sitting in circle time again.

1 step forward, 3 steps back.

Tomorrow we go to select the first pair of glasses.  I hope they have yellow ones.  He likes yellow...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Hate to Admit It but...

My laptop is back in action thanks to a new hard drive installation compliments of the Hubs.  I only use this computer for browsing the internet while lounging on the couch at night so I didn't lose anything when it crashed.    So maybe, just maybe I'll be able to get back to blogging on a semi-regular basis now.  Stay tuned;)

As I've been going through my daily life I have been trying to take mental notes about all the things that I think would make a good blog post.  I'm going to try to recall them here and most of them involve things I hate to admit but are true.

I hate to admit it but I don't cook.  Not at all unless it's frozen or freeze dried and requires only the push of a button on the microwave or adding a cup or two of water.  As always (or more accurately from time to time) I become interested in working out and eating healthy by counting calories and laying off the wine.  I found a 400 calorie recipe for Tarragon Chicken Salad and took a trip to the grocery store to pick up all the ingredients.  I couldn't find anything I was looking for and spent almost 45 minutes wandering around trying to locate new potatoes and scallions.  Are green onions the same as scallions?  Why the hell do things have to have multiple names and how many kinds of potatoes could there be?  None of which said, new potatoes.  I had to pick those up in the canned goods aisle.  Is that right?  I spent $49.00.  WTF?  I suck.  Why do I even bother?  Whipping up even the simplest dish leaves me out of time and out of money and 2 days later I still haven't had the time to make the Tarragon Chicken Salad and I lost my recipe.  Tell me again why I don't cook? 

I hate to admit it but I think homework at the 1st grade level is stupid and pointless and only punishes the parents.  I am not  a teacher.  Never wanted to be a teacher so trying to teach my kids how to read, write, and spell is not an activity that I enjoy at the end of the day after commuting 2 hours, working for 8, folding laundry, making my kids dinner (because I still do that), doing the dishes, packing lunches, feeding the dog.  I literally collapse in bed sometimes and realize I forgot to shower.  Forgot!  Good Lord thank you for Dove Lemon Scented Body Spray...  What I hate most about homework is that it often ends in arguments and tears with Puck.  This makes me very unhappy because that's the last thing I want him to remember about his day.  Grrr...

I hate to admit it but Muffin didn't pass his vision screening at his 5 year old well check and now he has to see an opthamologist.  I really hope he doesn't need glasses, that's the last thing he needs.    He also didn't pass the hearing screening so we'll be returning to the audiologist as well. 

Otherwise, things are good here;) 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

Today is Muffins big Bounce House Birthday party with 25 of his closest friends...We only go big like this for the 5th birthday and we did it for Puck so Muffin gets the same.

I bought an overpriced Mario Brothers Cake and this morning when we woke up the pipe with Mario had fallen over, super.  I hope Muffin appreciates it.

I can't believe it's been 5 years, what a journey we've taken with this kid.  Tomorrow is his REAL birthday.  I love you little man!!!

Our Wii is broken.  That means we have to buy another one.  I hate buying things twice:(

Why do they call Valentine's Parties at my kids school "Friendship Parties".  I think that's stupid.

The only posts I ever write anymore are Friday Night Leftovers.

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers {Stomach Flu Edition}

  •  Please excuse my tardiness...I was down with a nasty little stomach bug that knocked my off my feet for 2 whole days.  I didn't eat or hardly even get out of bed.  On Thursday AM I awoke after a restless sleep.  Tossed and turned all night, queasy, couldn't get comfortable.  I got up anyway, dressed and was ready to go but ended losing my dinner in the toilet.  My husband couldn't believe I was still going to go to work.  (Calling in sick isn't really an option where I work.  There was no one to cover for me, I had to go).  I grabbed some target bags (just in case) and left.  I got almost an hour from home before I knew I couldn't do it.  I was getting worse not better.  My office was able to reschedule my shoot, thank the lord, and I turned around and drove home.  I went straight to bed and stayed there for the next 2 days.  I have vowed to be more sensitive, more loving, caring, and sympathetic the next time my Hubs or kids are sick.  It sucks!!!!  He was great and made sure I had my favorite flavor of gator.ade by my side the whole time:)  Thank honey!
  • Recently one of my closest and dearest friends officially became a SAHM.  This woman has had it hard, and so this is nothing but the best most wonderful news for this truly loving and fabulous mother...but I was jealous.  I hate to even admit that because jealousy is such a hideous ugly thing, but I was.  I just get so tired of trying to make so many different people happy from all sides and the pressure of performing in the workplace as a mother is exhausting.  It's hard to explain unless you have to do it.  It means sometimes you don't get to put your kids first and I hate that.  Staying home for me is not an option but I feel like I'm missing so many important moments and that they are missing the best of me too when I'm not tired and frustrated from dealing with office politics, pressure, and TRAFFIC:(  I have one of the worst commutes in the country.  I'm thrilled for my friend and the jealousy has past, I just wish it had never appeared.
  • We are having a Super Bowl get-together tonight.  Dare I say "party" because it's not that but there will be 8 adults and 8 children from the ages of 5 weeks to 8 years old.  The clean-up should be fun...
  • Did I tell you Hubs said I could get my engagement ring re-set?  I'm beyond hopeful it won't be too pricey.  I want to take my existing diamonds and have them reset into a more  modern-updated design.  I have a marquise solitaire and 12 tiny little diamonds on my wedding band.  I hope to have them placed around the marquise in what's called a halo.  The bands can remain plain.  This is a completely frivolous and unnecessary expense but I don't buy designer clothes or fancy furniture and with our 11 year anniversary coming up, I think it's time;)  
  • Muffin's 5th Birthday is this coming Sunday.  I can't even believe it!!!!!  I'm going to have a 7 and a 5 year old????  Where did the time go?  I can truly say I didn't appreciate the time I had with them when they were small.  Sigh....I won't do that anymore!  Big party planned with a Super Mario Brother's cake and a party with all his classmates at the local bounce house.  Squueeeee!

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