Monday, September 26, 2011


I was out today unusually window shopping.  My first stop, DSW.  Not to look for some cute flats to wear out on the town, nope.  I was looking for a pair of totally comfortable and completely practical for my day to day school photography job.  Did they have my size?  Nope.  I didn't even browse the shelves for a suitable replacement.  I just left, dejected and disappointed, destined to order online and overpay for shipping. 

Before heading back to my car I thought I would stop in at Home Goods.  You know, maybe to replace that bath rug that is almost in shreds, one more wash and it may just disintegrate in the dryer.  I wandered around for 20 minutes looking at all the stuff.  Such beautiful things for every room in your house!  Your house, not my house.  I picked up a couple of things only to set them down again thinking, I don't need that or that doesn't go with anything in my house I already have, etc.  I find shopping in stores like that to be quite overwhelming.  Again, I left empty handed which is fine because I really didn't have any free money to spend.

As I was walking to my car I spotted a gorgeous woman walking into the DSW.  I'm fairly certain she wasn't looking for practical shoes, and then at the same time this word hit me right in the face. 


I'm plain.  Dull.  Colorless.  Drab.  I looked down at my old jeans that were just small enough to be too tight, the only T-Shirt I have I think looks good on me and silver flats that were cute 3 years ago.  My purse was a hand-me-down from a coworker.  I'm not talking money here either people.  I just don't invest the time in  myself that I should.  Yes, some extra spending money would make it easier to pick up some fun clothing or accessories but with my shopping phobias I don't think it would help all that much.  

I'll try and be brighter tomorrow.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Turning the Corner

...on this cold.  Finally.  It took over and ruined my whole weekend:(  At least I got to sleep a lot, that in itself is a gift to any and all mothers. 

It's just me and the dog here on the couch tonight.  We are watching Melanie Griffith and Harrison Ford in Working Girl.  I love watching old movies.  Hubs left to watch a football game at a neighbors and so here I sit with my Labradoodle and great big hair and even bigger shoulder pads.  What is up with those anyway?  I'm so glad I never had to wear shoulder pads.

I can't think of anything else to write. 

Good Night.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • I'm sick.  I'm a mom, you know what that means.  
  • I have 2 shoots scheduled this weekend, and of course I'm sick...ugh.
  • I feel like a hamster on a wheel.  It's always the same sh*t, different day.
  • Muffin seems to have breezed through his transition to a new class and a better teacher.  Sometimes things are just meant to be and work out for the best.  Sometimes:)
  • I plan to take a long hot steamy shower tonight before I collapse into my bed and hopefully a deep sleep for 8+ hours.
  • I'm so glad this week is over.

Go visit Danifred to enjoy the rest of the leftovers, trust me she is much better company than I am.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Divine Intervention, Maybe

Being Robin, not Batman

Well after last nights post I thought I had to accept that Muffin was stuck in a less than desirable situation for the rest of the school year.  Then my phone rang today and it was the director of his preschool calling about switching Muffin to the other Jr. K class.  Turns out 4 kids that were supposed to be enrolled in the other class never showed.

Bonus, this teacher is much more aware of SPD and has had kids with special needs in her class before.  Even better, she was warm and kind and comforting.  She has invited Cade to come to school early tomorrow so he can get a tour of his new classroom.  The assistant teacher knows Muffin back from his MMO days.

Sensory Seekers like to be upside down.  Here he is watching TV.
I can't tell you the hope and relief I am feeling.  My mother in law said (she takes Muffin to and from school 4 days a week) the old teacher didn't even make time to  talk to her at pick up, was gruff, didn't day goodbye to Muffin, and just said, "His knew teacher is over there."

This is the right thing.  Someone up there must be looking out for my babe.

I wanted to also include this link HERE to an old (2007) Time Magazine story.  I think it is still a great article.  I posted it on my Facebook page asking that anyone who hasn't yet heard of Sensory Processing Disorder read it.  People ask me all the time if it's a "real" thing.  I'm living it, it's real.

We've got 1 year until Kindergarten and we WILL be ready!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

When Your Kid is Different

For the most part I can make myself forget that Muffin has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).  Everyone that knows Muffin and knows our family just accepts him for who he is. 

But last week he went back to school.  He's in a class with 16 other 4 & 5 year olds and he is different.  I know my son and I know he is trying his hardest to fit in and do what a "big boy" is supposed to do.  He has definitely been enjoying his new class.  He comes home happy and for the first time in all his years of preschool has mentioned a classmate by name and said he wants him to come over and play.

I made the teacher aware from the beginning what she could expect from Muffin.  You should have seen the look on her face when I showed her his weighted vest.  I wasn't sure at first if she believed me or believed in SPD.  When I picked him up one day and asked how he did she made that "so so" motion with her hand and said, "he manages."  I felt my heart drop to my feet.  I thought the worst, that she was annoyed that she had to deal with him and worse I feared she had already written him off.

I almost lost it and went all Mama Bear on her but I stayed calm and called her that evening as she had requested we do.  I felt a lot better after talking to her.  She thanked me for giving her Hartley Steiner's Book, "Gabriel Making Sense of School."  It explains a lot really quickly about the different facets of SPD and what teachers can do to manage SPD in their students.  I think we are all on the same page now...I hope.

My heart breaks for Muffin.  What if he doesn't have any friends in school?  What if adults that should know better pass judgement on him.  I can't be there to protect him all the time and the constant advocating is exhausting.

My poor little man...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Domestic I Am

I can be domestic when I want to be.  

Today I took Muffin to his 1st day of Jr. Kindergarten he was gone from 9:30 - 2:30.   He has been so excited about going but in the car on the way there he said, " I don't want to go to Jr. Kindergarten."  When we got to the classroom door he looked so sad but he didn't cry and I hugged him hard and kissed his cheek and sent him off into the world.  It's always hard to walk away from your child when you know they are scared or nervous.  It's one of those pushing them out of the nest and hoping they fly moments. 

During my time alone (since Puck is in 1st grade all day) I cleaned the house, put dinner in the crock pot, washed my bedroom drapes and duvet.  Oh, and I was able to catch Hoda and Kathy Lee, a rare event for me.  I liked it:)  I liked being able to take care of the home that we live in and prepare food to put on the table.   I wish I could be here everyday.  I wish I didn't have to leave my boys to go to work, but I do and that is my reality.  Traffic, office politics, early mornings, long commutes...a tired mommy at the end of the day.  I hope I am giving my kids the best I can.

Friday, September 9, 2011

It Stopped Raining

Finally after a full week it has stopped raining.
My super cute umbrella I finally broke down and bought at Target for $12.99.  I haven't owned an umbrella in over a decade!

I can't remember getting more rain day after day...ever!  It was nice at first since the plants and lawn really needed it but when it fell so fast that flash floods were happening all over and they had to close schools on the 4th day, that was enough.  Not to mention the frizz fest that was going on in my hair everyday.  Uggg!

So today it stopped raining and all of a sudden the sun can out and the sky turned this amazing shade of blue.  I felt instantly happier and positive:)  Yeah Vitamin D!

Taken with iPhone 4, SOOC!  Look how blue:)

Now I am enjoying a nice glass of wine to end the week.  Cupcake, Red Velvet...delicious:)  It's just in addition to the sunshine to help ease the stress that built up during the week.  I've had this strange tightness in my chest and you know, since the sun reappeared I'm feeling much better.  Who knows, if it comes back I'll have to see a doctor but I'm hoping it will not.

Happy Weekend to All:)

Monday, September 5, 2011

24 Hours to Go

...until the school bus comes to take Puck to First grade!!!  I'm going to miss it of course because I have to work:(  I'm so excited for him to make new friends and take this new adventure.  I hope it's a great year for my little big man.  He turns 7 in only 2 months time.  SEVEN!  That just blows my mind. 

Yesterday I found him leaning over this large notebook writing.  He never writes or colors for fun, it's just not him.  This is what he was doing...

I was shocked.  I took music and band throughout all my years in school.  Could it be it's in his blood?  I've never mentioned or encouraged music to him, not yet anyway.  He looks athletic but he hasn't really shown an interest in sports besides TKD.  This will be something to nurture if it comes up again. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I'm in a little bit of a funk this morning.  I'm thinking about all the things that need to be done around the house, the busy few weeks ahead with school, PTO, work, etc.  I'm so ready for school to start back on Tuesday but I also remember how crazy the fall is for our schedule both at home and at work and I already feel tired.

I need a manicure and a pedicure and that's just not going to happen anytime soon.  At least I was able to get my hair cut last week, that's a start.  Now if this extra 35lbs I'm holding onto would just it's still here.

We are having an end of summer cookout today for everyone on the block and to also celebrated Hubs' 36th B-day, or is it 37?  Hmmm.  I have a terrible memory.  Terrible.  Maybe a hamburger will cheer me up as long as I don't think about where it's ending up on my thighs.

It was a great summer.  Maybe I'm just feeling blue that it's almost over.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Boys Going Bonkers

My boys are going bonkers.  Screaming, yelling, wrestling, hitting, jumping, fighting, chasing.  My family room has become a jungle gym, a playground...complete chaos.

Please oh please send that big yellow school bus down my street ASAP!  Puck heads to 1st Grade on Tuesday and not a minute too soon.  Muffin has to wait one more week but I'm completely excited that he will be attending the Jr. K program at his's extended day 9:30-2:30!  Both of my boys need these long days to wear them out and the constant structure and daily routine really help keep them focused.

Wow, if I didn't have to go to work I would have so much time!  But at least the house can't get messy when no one is home;)

Maybe a trip to the playground today to pass the dog days of summer.  That and a giant pile of laundry is waiting for me upstairs. 

More coffee please!