Saturday, April 30, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - Saturday AM Edition

Thank goodness for Danifred's FNL.  It gives me a reason to sit down and blog.  You should come play with us too!  I was too busy last night drinking Black Box wine and watching coverage of THE wedding to do anything else, so here is my Saturday edition of FNL.

  • On Monday, the UPS truck is going to roll up with my brand new Canon 7D camera!  I CANNOT wait.  I am so excited to get my hands on it!  I have waited so long and have worked hard enough to finally pay for this, my DREAM camera...ecstatic doesn't even begin to describe how I feel.

Click HERE for image credit.

  • Muffin has a fever again.  I started his ear drops right away.  I'm hoping this stops it in his tracks.  He is missing his T-Ball game today, so once again Coach Dad has to go coach a team of kids without his own son being there...Uggg.  Poor Hubs:(  I guess that means we will be hanging around the house all day, which honestly is just fine with me.
  • I thought the Royal Wedding was fascinating.  I'm always a sucker for a love story;)
  • Had lots of inquiries for Photo Bookings...not enough time in May, oh my!  It's good news, bad news I guess.  
  • I'm happy to report I have been losing some weight...slowly but surely.  Seeing the ounces come off everyday keeps me motivated.  Yeah, bathing suit shopping may be less torturous.  Wait, whom I kidding, Hahaha!
  • 3 more weeks until my best friend gets married.  Can't wait to celebrate her big day and I even love the bridesmaid dresses:)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Hunting {Easter Eggs}

 We had a blast yesterday at our neighborhoods annual Easter Egg Hunt.  It's something we have done since Puck was born and now it's a tradition.

Puck was decked out in his snow boots "Red Power Ranger Gear"!  While waiting for the hunt to start he could be seen fighting an imaginary battle...slashing the air with his "Samuraizer..."  If you don't know what that is then you are obviously not a 6 year old boy.

Muffin was not too sure about the whole egg hunt idea.  He's making a face in about every photo that says, "Do I have to do this?"  As soon as we pulled up to the clubhouse he announced he did not want to see the bunny.  (Who admittedly is a little freaky but aren't all Easter Bunnies slightly questionable?)

I got a great new photo  of me with the boys, which always makes me happy.  I don't take a few, I posted over on 40 on  I know, I'm out of control with the photo taking,what can I say...

 Today it's Paaz and boiled eggs.   We didn't get to it yesterday because the weather was so gorgeous we spent all day outside playing.  The camera battery is charging now...

Can I ask a question here?  I hope I don't offend anyone but when did bicycles even become an option for an Easter gift?  I just think that's maybe over the top.  Maybe it's just me but my baskets are pretty traditional: Chocolate Bunnies, Jelly Beans, Peeps, a stuffed bunny.  Isn't that why it's a BASKET?  The last time I checked a bike wouldn't fit in the basket...

 OK.  I'm done venting...

Happy Easter:-)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm In Love...

...with Wedding Photography!  I've actually shot several weddings over the years.  I shot one myself 10 years ago (yeah, on film BTW!!!) I've assisted on a few and this past Saturday I shot one all on my own.  It was amazing.  I loved everything about it.  I loved meeting and networking with all the other professionals involved in the event.  I loved talking with everyone in the wedding party.  I loved photographing everything from the Bride's orange shoes to the cake cutting.

It was a long 2 hour drive in the rain to the venue of the day.  A gorgeous property and such a picturesque place for the planned outdoor ceremony and reception.

This bride wanted to do  a boudoir session before putting on the dress, so that made it extra fun.  
The wedding was scheduled to be begin at 4pm...there also happened to be a thunderstorm and tornado warning at the same time.  We ended up inside, it was pouring and the ceremony was lit with candlelight.  Beautiful and simple, just like the couple wanted.  I worked through the challenges of the darkness too:)

I carried 2 cameras around my neck and captured all the details of the wedding, flowers, favors, table settings, cake...all the fun stuff.

I'm so glad I wore my boots, even if I looked ridiculous;)
The reception started in a downpour and even though we were in a tent the water was pouring across the brick patio dance floor.  The bride and groom didn't let anything deter their excitement  and began their 1st dance together with very wet feet!  I was almost brought to tears myself during a very emotional dance between the bride and her father.  Deep breaths I told myself, no one wants to see the photographer blubbering away, hahaha!

Midway through the reception the rain actually stopped and the couple asked if we could run out and snap a few shots in front of the tree they were supposed to get married at.  We walked out the tent and saw the most beautiful rainbow!  I took my favorite picture of all time under that rainbow.  Everyone was so happy:)

I was exhausted by the time I got home way after dark...put my feet up and enjoyed a nice glass of Cab.  I can't wait to do it again:-)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  •  I'm shooting a Wedding tomorrow:)  I'm super excited but I'm hoping it doesn't rain on the couples big day.  Not to mention that I would really prefer outdoor portraits for my portfolio.  Rain, rain go away, come again another day!!!
  • I hate Star.Wars Lego W.ii game.  The boys keep wanting to play it but they don't know how and I can't help them.  Thank you Nintendo for bringing frustration into my family room:(   I wish they would stick with bowling, golf, and air sports.
  • I had the best day at work today.  Got the close on a great new client.  I've been working on this one and waiting for a decision for weeks and weeks.  It won me a lunch out with my boss:) 
  • This summer I will be spending an entire month at the beach.  I am so excited to be away from here in a place I love that brings me such peace and happiness...I can't wait.  Hubs will be there for 3 weeks and then the boys and me will stay for a week of quality mom and boys time.  If I could have my way I would move there and never come back.
  •  I've learned as I age that real friendship and connection is a rare and something that should be cherished.  It's really hard to create new connections that mean something and last.  I am thankful for the few people in my life that fall under this category.  I hope they know how important they are to me and that I carry them with me wherever I go.  
  •  My personal post can be found HERE.  Only invited guests can read, sorry.  Only readers with blogs that I follow are invited.  If you are interested you can email me at steppingoncheerios{at}gmail.{com}.  
  • Pictured below, just for fun.  Me, senior year in high school taking photos for the yearbook.  Yes, I am wearing a bed was Senior Toga Day of course....What you can't see it that the sheet was pink.  I love pink;)  I've been a photographer all my life...
    Please go see one of my favorite bloggers, Danifred to share in all the glorious leftovers!   Clean out all of your leftovers, it feels so good to have a clean fridge!

        Thursday, April 14, 2011


        Some things I love ...besides my boys;)

        • Cotton Candy
        • Fruit Roll-Ups
        • Diet Coke
        • Spicy Italian Sub from Sub.way
        • Watching reruns on TV of old movies I've already seen too many times.
        • Walking barefoot (grass, sand, or sidewalk - doesn't matter)
        • Music
        • Baths
        • Wine
        • Sleeping In (not that I remember what that's like)

        Tuesday, April 12, 2011

        Weight Loss Sucks

        I've been trying to lose weight off and on now for a while.  I always get lazy busy being a mom, wife, employee, etc.  I thought I was doing pretty well these last 2 weeks and even lost a couple of pounds.  I gained a pound back after the weekend which was really disappointing to me. 

        I realized that I am a pound heavier now then I was in January.  This just made me so sad.  It's like just spinning my wheels.  I'm so bummed.  It's going to get warmer here fast and I don't have anything left that I can wear. 

        It was hitting rock bottom emotionally that brought me down to the thinnest I can ever remember being, 129lbs.  Getting back to that weight seems impossible now that I can actually eat.  The anti-depressants I was on caused rapid weight gain that now lingers long after I stopped taking the medication.

        I really do care what I look like.  It's not the numbers on the scale or on the label of my clothing (and I don't think it should be for anyone) but I just DON'T feel good in the body that I'm in. 

        I'm going to keep going here and keep trying because I know I am strong and I know that I can do this...but it just sucks.

        I'm a mom first, I just wish I could be a thinner one...but I'm sure my boys will love me no matter what.  I just want my confidence back.

        Monday, April 11, 2011

        Muffin Has Come So Far

        It's been a slow change, but he IS changing.  I've noticed it, little things here and there that he never used to do before. 

        Today when I dropped him off at school one of his teachers said to me how remarkably he was doing.  She said he's like a completely different kid.  When I picked him up I received a report that he had played so nicely with another classmate.  (Usually he plays by himself, ignoring the other children)  Then another teacher from the school commented about his amazing changes and improved behavior.   I walked away holding Muffin's hand with so much pride I thought my heart would burst.

        Lately there have been other signs of improvement...

        He started singing me a song he learned at school, which I posted the other day if you missed it.  He is 4 years old and has never done that before.

        I can't remember that last time he threw one of those intense temper tantrums.  Wow, I really can't!

        When I handed him his lunch today he said, "Thank you, Mama." 

        We have started having conversations.  They are very short and very simple but he is really started communicating with me beyond what he wants or needs.

        Muffin continues to take Speech and OT and wears his weighted vest at circle time and snack time at school.  I'm also convinced that the ear tubes have made all the difference.  It's so nice to see his REAL personality beginning to develop:-)

        I can't wait to see where Muffin takes us!

        Sunday, April 10, 2011

        Paper Mama Photo Challenge - B&W {Little Heart Breaker}

        I love Black and White photos so much.  For me it's not enough for a photo to lack color.  A good Black and White portrait just has a feeling that you can't get from color.

        This is my 6 year old son, my first born.  I accompanied him to a birthday party for a female classmate at the local bounce house.  As we walked across the parking lot and the girls spotted him they started jumping up and down and screaming, "Puck is coming!  He's here, Puck is here!!! Ahhhhh!"  When we opened the glass doors the screams reached a level I never thought possible.  You would have thought Justin B.ieber just rolled up to the party or something.  All the parents were looking at me and I was laughing inside.  While he was trying to sign the birthday poster he actually turned around and asked the mob to back up a little!!!  His teacher mentioned he was a little ladies man and this confirmed it.  I'm happy to say he played hard-to-get and played with the boys for most of the party.  Future Heart-Breaker in Training.

        The Paper Mama

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        Friday, April 8, 2011

        Friday Night Leftovers

        •  I'm still here.  It was a busy week but Friday has finally arrived.  No rest for the weary though...Baseball opening ceremonies for T-Ball and 2 games tomorrow.  I have a photo shoot on Sunday and a wedding shoot next weekend. 
        • I'm happy to announce that I lost 2 pounds this week.  Thank you Jillian Michaels.  
        • I really hope the Federal Govt gets this budget mess figured out.  We would really like to continue to pay our mortgage and feed our children.
        • I haven't slept well the last couple nights.  This is VERY unusual for me.  I usually crash but lately I've been tossing and turning and waking up for no reason.  
        • I wanted to let all those that regularly comment and tweet with me that I really appreciate you and I love getting all your comments and sharing in your lives:)  It's so nice to feel like I'm not alone with all this mommy stuff.
        • Here's what we were up to tonight...

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          Thursday, April 7, 2011

          10% Me

          I haven't been writing...not because I don't want to...I just haven't been able to put my thoughts to paper laptop. 

          Lately I've been feeling like the 10% mom.  I leave pretty early in the morning.  I get home around 4:30.  My kids go to bed between 7:30 and 8:00.  That means I have 3 hours to spend with them.  During this 3 hours there is homework, dinner, laundry, various after school activities.  Also, by the time I get home at 4:30 I have likely driven 60-100 miles that day. 

          By the time I get home I am 10% of myself. 

          I am tired. 

          I am a 10% mom. 

          Friday, April 1, 2011

          Friday Night Leftovers

          • I can't even begin to express my sheer happiness and joy that today is Friday.  It was a long day at work.  I do NOT like getting up at 5:30am.  Also, my body is just too darn old to be hauling all of this heavy equipment everyday, setting it up, breaking it down...I'm so tired of it.  It's a busy week next week too I think my only office day is Wednesday.  I suppose hump day is as good a day as any to hide behind my desk.
          • Did I mention how happy I am that today is Friday?
          • My oldest and dearest friends Bridal shower is tomorrow and I am so excited to get to share in her day.  I know she'll be smiling ear to ear and I can't wait, even though I have nothing to wear...
          • I hope we get to eat out tonight.  I also hope I get to drink some wine, a lot of wine.
          • This guy is sitting on my lap right now and it feels so good:)
          I can be sick of taking pix at work and come home and STILL want to photograph this kid!  He is taking a picture of me too;)  Future photographer in training...
          •  We had the house cleaned professionally on Monday and I'm still enjoying the clean-ness.  Just step over the mountain of laundry and we're all good.
          • Need to lose weight....I wonder what I'm waiting for?
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