Friday, December 30, 2011

The Best Time

I'm trying not to think about how few days are left of my vacation.  I am one of the lucky few that is off from Christmas to New Years Day, every year.  My office completely shuts down and I love it!  So many of my friends and relatives had to go back the day after Christmas and I think that is such a shame.  The countdown to Christmas can be so crazy that I can't see how you could enjoy it if you didn't get this quiet family time afterward. 

We've been busy cleaning out the garage, kitchen drawers and cabinets with plenty of time left over to watch movies together and just be still.  I feel like our family has bonded this Christmas in an extra special way and it makes me so happy.

I'm so looking forward to 2012 in a way I've never been before.   I'm ready, bring it on!!!


Tiffany said...

You are very lucky to be able to have that time to wind down after the Christmas chaos. I always call it chaos, because it usually is. haha.

Glad to hear that you've had some family bonding time. Cheers to 2012!!

Anonymous said...

That is such a gift. My friend's husband's company does this too. She said she takes it for granted. And I remind her what a gift.

I loved this post. It made me sigh with happiness for you.

I have been worried that we haven't "done" enough this break for CHarley being home. But I think it is actually what this time is about. Being home, puttering as a family. And I can tell Henry is going to go into withdrawl when Charley goes back to school on Tuesday. makes me sad fo rhim. He has been in his glory.

Happy last few days of your vacation. Enjoy them to the max!


Danifred said...

This totally makes me smile :)