Tuesday, September 20, 2011

When Your Kid is Different

For the most part I can make myself forget that Muffin has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).  Everyone that knows Muffin and knows our family just accepts him for who he is. 

But last week he went back to school.  He's in a class with 16 other 4 & 5 year olds and he is different.  I know my son and I know he is trying his hardest to fit in and do what a "big boy" is supposed to do.  He has definitely been enjoying his new class.  He comes home happy and for the first time in all his years of preschool has mentioned a classmate by name and said he wants him to come over and play.

I made the teacher aware from the beginning what she could expect from Muffin.  You should have seen the look on her face when I showed her his weighted vest.  I wasn't sure at first if she believed me or believed in SPD.  When I picked him up one day and asked how he did she made that "so so" motion with her hand and said, "he manages."  I felt my heart drop to my feet.  I thought the worst, that she was annoyed that she had to deal with him and worse I feared she had already written him off.

I almost lost it and went all Mama Bear on her but I stayed calm and called her that evening as she had requested we do.  I felt a lot better after talking to her.  She thanked me for giving her Hartley Steiner's Book, "Gabriel Making Sense of School."  It explains a lot really quickly about the different facets of SPD and what teachers can do to manage SPD in their students.  I think we are all on the same page now...I hope.

My heart breaks for Muffin.  What if he doesn't have any friends in school?  What if adults that should know better pass judgement on him.  I can't be there to protect him all the time and the constant advocating is exhausting.

My poor little man...


Heather said...

I worried about my boy when he started school as well. We Momma's don't have an easy job.

SmartBear said...

Hey girlie...I hope it gets better soon? Please let me know if I can be helpful? You are doing an amazing job...keep your chin up!

Tezzie said...

I've having the same worries and concerns about my Boy (on a smaller scale, of course, since he's not SPD), but in many ways I sense that he's different somehow...there just isn't a diagnose for it! I, too, hope and wish that school will be a positive experience for him and that he'll make some good friends. I guess as moms, we'll always worry about our kids and hope they grow up to be happy...and my heart aches at the thought of anyone causing him any sadness.

I'm sure it helps knowing that Muffin has a teacher who is willing to try to learn and understand :) He's got the odds stacked in his favour, then!

Diana said...

Hey, this is my first time visiting your blog. I used to teach preschool. I can't tell you how important it will be for your son to implement a 504 plan through the school. This will make sure he gets the help/attention/services he may need to help him be successful in school.
Best of luck.

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Ugh...it's so hard. That article you posted on FB the other day made me want to go out and open one of those centers for SPD kids.

I'm glad the teacher was able to offer something helpful...I would have died if there was nothing constructive happening.