Friday, September 9, 2011

It Stopped Raining

Finally after a full week it has stopped raining.
My super cute umbrella I finally broke down and bought at Target for $12.99.  I haven't owned an umbrella in over a decade!

I can't remember getting more rain day after day...ever!  It was nice at first since the plants and lawn really needed it but when it fell so fast that flash floods were happening all over and they had to close schools on the 4th day, that was enough.  Not to mention the frizz fest that was going on in my hair everyday.  Uggg!

So today it stopped raining and all of a sudden the sun can out and the sky turned this amazing shade of blue.  I felt instantly happier and positive:)  Yeah Vitamin D!

Taken with iPhone 4, SOOC!  Look how blue:)

Now I am enjoying a nice glass of wine to end the week.  Cupcake, Red Velvet...delicious:)  It's just in addition to the sunshine to help ease the stress that built up during the week.  I've had this strange tightness in my chest and you know, since the sun reappeared I'm feeling much better.  Who knows, if it comes back I'll have to see a doctor but I'm hoping it will not.

Happy Weekend to All:)


Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

That tightness is worrisome...I'd mention it to a doc. Not to sound all preachy, but heart disease presents much differently in's worth a mention.

Let's not even mention the hair this week...ridiculous.

Danifred said...

I couldn't be happier to see the sunshine this week.

And, go make an appointment, it can't hurt, right?

raisingmiles said...

I hope the rain stops for you and comes my way. We have had 1 inch in

How was the Red Velvet? I have seen it at CVS and really wanted to try it...