Monday, September 12, 2011

Domestic I Am

I can be domestic when I want to be.  

Today I took Muffin to his 1st day of Jr. Kindergarten he was gone from 9:30 - 2:30.   He has been so excited about going but in the car on the way there he said, " I don't want to go to Jr. Kindergarten."  When we got to the classroom door he looked so sad but he didn't cry and I hugged him hard and kissed his cheek and sent him off into the world.  It's always hard to walk away from your child when you know they are scared or nervous.  It's one of those pushing them out of the nest and hoping they fly moments. 

During my time alone (since Puck is in 1st grade all day) I cleaned the house, put dinner in the crock pot, washed my bedroom drapes and duvet.  Oh, and I was able to catch Hoda and Kathy Lee, a rare event for me.  I liked it:)  I liked being able to take care of the home that we live in and prepare food to put on the table.   I wish I could be here everyday.  I wish I didn't have to leave my boys to go to work, but I do and that is my reality.  Traffic, office politics, early mornings, long commutes...a tired mommy at the end of the day.  I hope I am giving my kids the best I can.


Danifred said...

You go Mama. I hope you enjoyed your day, even if it was a little bittersweet.

Tiffany said...

Aww. So I'll bet that Muffin had a great time even though he was tentative to go.

And by the sound of it you enjoyed some time to yourself, even if it was bittersweet.

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

I like that...hope they fly...because we never know. We just keep walking because that's what we need to do. We just hope for the best. This parenting thing is hard sometimes!

Kathie Lee and Hoda...too much!

raisingmiles said...

Of course you are giving them the best!

Hope you enjoyed your time home doing mom/wifely duties!