Sunday, August 14, 2011

Low Tide, High Tide...

Leaving behind something you love is always hard.  It tugs at your heart and leaves that nagging feeling like you have forgotten something but can't remember what.

I've spent almost one month exactly here at my heaven on the bay.  I have lived out my summer fantasy.  I have walked on the beach with my dog and my coffee.  I have swam in the ocean and the pool and watched my youngest learn to swim all on his own.  I have reconnected with old friends and family.  I wore a bathing suit everyday and I sipped enough cocktails, beer, and wine to get me through the winter until I can return here next summer.

I love that when you walk on the beach here you have to be careful not to step on the pinecones.  I love that the trees sometimes completely cover the streets like huge green umbrellas.  I love that the $3.00 kites I bought for my boys at the grocery store got plenty of air time and that I got to play fetch with my dog 100 times.

In just a few days time I will once again wake up in my own bed.  I will have to return to work and live in the real world again.  I will go back to my Keurig and my commute but my heart will be here on the bay...always.


Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Ha...I brought my Keurig with me for a week's stay. I'm so lame.

Sounds like a lovely month. I want to go back and I was only there for a month! I can't imagine the readjustment your brain must go through to deal with the mundane of the everyday.

L. Merical said...

One day you'll get to follow through with your fantasy of leaving it all behind and moving to the beach, ya beach bum!