Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Feeding Fury

I am so sick of dealing with Muffins feeding/eating issues.  Having a child that refuses to eat anything or try new things is exhausting.  I know that his diet is slowing his growth too which as a parent is frustrating.

He eats the following and only the following...

cream cheese
drinkable yogurt
nutri.grain cereal bars
chicken nuggets (only fast food ones and not all the time)
bananas (occasionally)
pizza (occasionally)

This kid refuses to eat meat or pasta or veggies and 99.9% of fruit.  He freaks out if it's even on his plate.  Every meal that I attempt to offer new foods just gets completely frustrating.  Everyone, including Muffin ends up angry and upset.  I mean he won't even taste it!  He is so stubborn too.  Hubs sat with him tonight after dinner and it took him an hour to get him to touch the chicken nugget (frozen style, not fast food) to his lips.

Muffin has SPD.  He is behind socially and emotionally.  He's 4 but acts more like a 3 year old.  His speech is coming along and his vocabulary is building slowly but he lacks the ability to understand more complex ideas and still cannot answer "why" questions.  What if he is still like this when he is 7?  They tell me he is not autistic...but why do I feel like everyone is just missing something?  Did I mention his other front tooth fell out too?  He will now have no front teeth for at least the next 2 years.

If you have heard of any conditions or delays that you think I should research, please let me know.


Kristiina said...

I can't even begin to imagine how frustrated you are. I have passed the link along to my SIL, one of my nephews has SPD, I hope that you don't mind. Her name is Ashleigh, and hopefully she can give you some tips and insight.

Keep on trying and know that there are others going through the same things.


ashleigh said...

I tried to leave a post, maybe it was too long because it didn't pop up. I am a mom of a SPD kid. I have found I have to use everything he likes as a way to get him to do things. He is obsessed with animals so I made a bird nest of spaghetti with meatballs. He was interested enough to not run from the table. I rewarded each bite with extra cheese sprinkled on it. Made it a game by eating with chopsticks... I was very lonely in dealing with this and found so much solace from other moms of SPD kids!

Crystal said...

Hmmmm...that sounds frustrating. I have never had really "picky" eaters, but my younger brother never ate anything and it was really frustrating. He was very thin/small for his age too.

As far as the language goes...sorry I can't be much help there either. I have twin 2 year olds and they don't talk at all. I've been told they are NOT autistic but I too feel like everybody is missing something. I feel your pain.

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

This has got to be driving you nuts. Have you tried any of the Deceptively Delicious books? You can puree fruits/veggies and put it in their foods...even desserts.

Also, what about getting a second opinion? Are there any other indications that things are not progressing as you'd like? Maybe another doctor could have some ideas...even though I know that's probably the last thing you want to do.

I've also found that anything tastes better on a stick, so I bought some skewers, cut the sharp edges off, cut them in half, removed the splintery parts and stuck everything I could think of on there.

Sila said...

Ever heard of food chaining? I've heard it's worked really good for SPD/ASD picky eaters..


I was recommended this book at some point when I was dealing with a picky eater myself (though not my own kid- I'm only 20!).

It has some useful info in there, hopefully it can be of some help :)

Take care and gl! :3