Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday To-Do's

My day started great; I got to sleep until 9:00am and Hubs made me a Egg White Omelet with Cheese:)  It was very tasty but I must admit I missed the yolks a little.

Here's my plan for the day:

  • finish coffee
  • get dressed
  • head to toy store to buy Muffin a shiny new bike (I'm more excited than he is.)
  • finish eradicating my house of all unnecessary paper.  Paper is evil.
  • TAXES.  I have to get to this ASAP or Hubs might lose his mind.
  • catch up on laundry, I made a decent size dent this week
  • vacuum the stairs...ewwww
  • take some new photos of my boys.
  • come to grips with Pucks new OBSESSION over the new Power Rangers Samurai.  It's so cheesy.  This mornings episode was about a villain that poisons all the rangers with his "Halitosis".  Yes, bad breath!!!  He LOVE it!

Have a great weekend:)


Laura said...

oh the evils of hallitosis! good luck with your list

Danifred said...

Hope you had a ton of success with your list. (And, I hate vacuuming the stairs!)

Jeri Lynne said...

Found you on Top Mommy Blogs today, and love your blog! I am now following you, and am giving you the "One Lovely Blog" award. To grab it, visit my blog and pick it up!

purseblogger said...

Oh those Power Rangers. lol That does sound like a pretty lame episode. :)
So, how's the bike?

Rebecca said...

Bahahahaha...halitosis! That is hysterical!

I have tried the egg white thing and just couldn't stomach it...that surprised me very much.

I hate paper too...