Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers: Let's Go Edition!

I think I am happiest when I am busiest.  Being busy forces you to concentrate on the things that count the most.  That being said there is a very fine line between busy and overwhelmed.  There is a lot coming in my direction so I'm not sure which it will turn out to be.

Here we go...

  • Baseball started yesterday for the boys.  Hubs and I coach Muffins team.  Well, he coaches the team and I coach Muffin...  Both boys have practice at the same time today, thankfully just a field apart so we can coach and watch Puck at his practice from across the way.
  • Spring is here, which means the photography business picks up...bye bye Sundays.
  • I've somehow ended up on the ballot for next years PTO President.  I'm really excited about it but also slightly anxious about the time commitment involved.  One of my favorite things in the world is to be a leader and help people accomplish their goals.  I used to manage pools back in the day when I still looked good in a bathing suit.  I was also captain of my high school colorguard in the the Marching Band.  Yes, I admit I was a band geek....great memories.  I always seem to end up in these kinds of roles so I guess there is a reason for that.
  • We are dog sitting for a week!  My favorite Pug:)  Right now I have a Pug snuggled up on my left and a Labradoodle snuggled up on my right.  So right now that makes Hubs (a boy), Muffin & Puck (both boys) and the dogs (also boys)...I am completely out numbered here.
  • Weightloss is not happening.  I'm very disappointed in myself.  I'm working up the courage to go to a Spinning class.  I'm afraid I'll have to hobble out before the class is over...
Please vist our host, Danifred:)


    Rebecca said...

    Yes, you'll hobble out your first time, but your vajayjay will be so numb that you'll forget it by next time!

    You're a band wonder I like you so much!

    Good luck Mrs. Prez!

    Rebecca said...

    BTW...don't let me forget to mention that you'll burn TONS of calories during spin...that's what will get you to come back again...not the numb vajayjay!

    Danifred said...

    With all that you ARE doing, make sure to cut yourself some slack with the exercising.
    PTA president... how did we get so grown up?

    Nicole said...

    Yikes, Momma! That is a lot on your plate! Danifred is right - don't forget to cut yourself some slack and don't forget to take care of yourself! And Rebecca is right on the spinning class - it is a ton of fun, numb va-jay-jay or not.

    Tezzie said...'ve got a lot of stuff going on! And, PTA President...congrats on the nomination (I'm assuming it's not a done deal yet?), and hope you get it! You'll be GREAT, but remember to take time for yourself too.

    Pics of Labradoodle and Pug, pleeeze!! :D I imagine they're so cute together!

    (I'd comment on the spinning class, too, but since it's fairly well known that exercise and I aren't best friends, I figure any comment from me won't exactly be motivational ;D)

    Take care, my friend!

    Laura said...

    I agree on being busy - I much prefer it.

    That's awesome that you are doing PTO president. So nice when people step up for jobs like that.