Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Did you know that blowing bubbles also helps blow off some steam?  Maybe I should join in the fun next time.
I love this first set of photos of Muffin in red.  He had just taken a shower so his hair was still wet.  He had the time of his life...ran the batteries out on his little automatic bubble blower!  I also love these photos because they are all SOOC.  No editing whatsoever here, NONE!  It just goes to show you that if you get it right the first time, not every photo needs Photoshop to be better.  

Puck was at school so he missed all the fun.  The bubbles came out again the very next afternoon.  Coincidentally, so did the pack of AA batteries.  These boys don't get seem to get tired of this activity.  I had to literally cut them off.  No More!  Save some for tomorrow:)

Now it's my turn to have fun, maybe I'll take a hot bath, and perhaps sip a night cap.  Bourbon & Coke anyone?


Danifred said...

What is it about bubbles that makes kids so excited? Love the pictures.

krayzid0rk said...

awww innocence!

I love the set of Muffin, very last one on the right where he's got the squint and one eye closed. Super serious on his bubbles. He's too cute.

Rebecca said...

Love it...those pictures are perfect and those bubble guns are so fun, right???

Yes, take a bath (I'm probably a day or two too late on this one)...Monday night is becoming my regular bath night and I love it!

Nicole said...

OMG does he look so stinkin' adorable in red! My kids are also HUGE bubble fans and we also have to cut them off to keep from spending our life savings on batteries and bubble soap! Great shots! (And you are SO right! I love pictures that haven't been edited to death!)

Tezzie said...

That bubble gun looks like so much fun! My kids looove bubbles, too, but so far they've been happy with 'regular' bubble blowing...please, noone tell them about the battery driven ones since we already do our bit to fill the battery recycling bin ;D

Love these photos...Muffin is, indeed, adorable in red...and just look at how involved he is with the activity! I also love the 2 brothers together, dressed in matching outfits; they're both so darned adorable I just want to squeeze their cheeks!

Laura said...

Fun times!

Great pictures; as always. :)