Monday, February 7, 2011

Therapy Chairs {You know like Musical Chairs}

We are going back to the old therapist.  Both, the Speech and OT.  I feel relieved and guilty all at the same time.  Poor Muffin has been evaluated so many times...he has to be re-evaluated by the old therapist even though he was just evaluated 2 weeks ago by the new practice.

Muffin still asks for "Miss Speech" (My nickname, he actually know her name.)  It's a nicer facility and it's closer to home.  I just want things to be normal for him. 

We can't afford the $75 copay a week so Muffin will only go every other week.  I think it's going to be the right thing for him at this point in time. 

I hate to be perceived as indecisive or scatterbrained.  I'm quickly getting over my concerns about what "other" people think about me.  I'm the crazy mom.  I know it.


Niki said...

Finding the therapy that is right for your child is all that matters.
Can you believe co-pays?? They have become outrageous!!

Crazy?? nah...
What's crazy is that other people think they know what is best for our children.

SmartBear said...

You are learning how to be the best advocate for your child. Nothing crazy about that.
I do have to tell you that it's possible to get around those co-pays....not to be intrusive, but it's possible with a PDD-NOS diagnosis for him to qualify for the waiver. This would give you (and him) access to all KINDS of services and support you wouldn't normally have without the co-pay.

Rebecca said...

I agree...nothing crazy about doing the best that you can for your son. Glad you're seeing Miss Speech...I'm sure that would be hard to stay away from.