Thursday, February 10, 2011

Muffin's Four Year Well Check

Today was Muffins four year well check up.  I was ready.  I had a file folder an inch think with evaluations and research all about Muffin.

He was in rare form, even for him.  Puck pushed the button in the elevator before he could get to it.  This, as usually resulted in a serious meltdown.  It took about 5 minutes to recover...Then they called us back.  He wouldn't stand against the wall for them to measure his height.  He wouldn't stand on the scale to get his weight.  I had to hold him and then get weighed alone so they could figure out his weight.  I had to hold him down on the table on one of those measuring tapes they use for babies.  It took all my strength and the doctors to hold him down.

Puck was there and wouldn't listen to me....sigh.

The doctor listened to all of my concerns and was able to witness first hand the behavior I am most concerned about.  She felt the observations of the teacher and myself were in line with PDD-NOS.  She cannot diagnose such a disorder.  Pediatricians are there to cure infectious diseases. 

She has referred us to a neurologist and then to the developmental specialists at Children's Hospital...

She took copies of all my evals and gave the boys lollipops, even though they were crazy.

By the time we reached the elevator I was tired and deflated and not looking forward to another round of doctor and therapy appointments.  A woman walked up and dropped a handful of pamphlets and eyes went to the pile on the floor and read the words "Breast Cancer"...

In that moment I stopped feeling sorry for myself and for Muffin.  We are alive, we are healthy.  I can only imagine this woman received the worst news of her life just minutes before we met by the elevator. 

Perspective is powerful.


JillAileenJones said...

Amen-and yet the storm that we are in at the time can be just as powerful to us at the time. Still praying for you and for answers for you and for your son.
It may not be life threatening but it still not only affects your life and his and you have a right to feel, sad, broken hearted, frustrated and lot of other things.
Praying maybe this will bring answers for you and solutions as well.

Ashley said...

I'm so sorry for your rough day. It's amazing how something can put life in perspective. It doesn't diminish your pain or your struggle but it does help to stay focused on the positive. XO

*Jess* said...

so true! And hey... be glad your pedi is on board and willing to give you referrals! Mine just told me what a bad parent i was because I couldn't "control" my son.

SmartBear said...

You are amazing. That's all.

Tezzie said...

Well said...I still feel bad you had such a tough day, though. Hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend!

Danifred said...

Perspective is important, but it doesn't negate that this is your perspective and your challenge to bear. I wish you all the best, I hope that you are able to find that person, that professional who will guide you and help you with all that you need for Muffin.
Much love!

Rebecca said...

Ah...perspective...comes to bit us all in the ass sometimes.

Sounds like a horrific trip nonetheless. My sister is sick a lot and has a chronic disease...she also suffers from medical exhaustion...too many appointments and not enough energy to attend them all. Do what you can when you can...hang in there.