Tuesday, January 11, 2011

When I Grow Up...

Do you remember back to your childhood when adults asked you all the time, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

Most kids usually answer...

Darth Vader

you know, the obvious professions.

The only written proof I have of my dreams is from elementary school when somewhere along the way I decided I wanted to be a "heart doctor".  Turns out you need to be REALLY good at math to be a doctor, so it just wasn't in the cards for me.  I suck at Math.

Fast forward to college.  I started out as a Communications major because I wanted to be nothing but...

wait for it...

a TV News Anchor.  Yep.

Image From : http://www.betadaily.com/2010/03/08/how-to-become-a-yoga-instructor/
By Sophomore year I had changed to an Art History major because well, I liked Monet.  After hours and hours of time spent in a dark lecture hall at 7:30 AM looking at slide after slide of ancient cave drawings I was left wondering, "When are we getting to Monet?"

Insert a yawn and a nap here...Zzzzz

By my junior year I decided I wanted to save the world and changed my major for the final time to International Studies.  Why you ask?  Well so I could live in Paris, France, where else???  Turns out Foreign Service Officers usually get posted in 3rd world countries.  Oh, my bad.

I graduated with a degree in International Studies and I ended up selling high-end plumbing fixtures.  Yep, plumbing!  Hand painted toilets, I sold 'em.  Gold Faucets, you got it.

By some fluke I ended up with a full-time photographer job and I've been doing that for over 10 years.

If I could go back in time with the experiences that I've had.  I would tell little naive college co-ed, me, to reconsider.

I would tell myself no matter what get a business degree....You can do ANYTHING with a business degree.

I would tell myself that my top three careers to investigate would be...

Speech Pathologist
Lactation Consultant
Yoga Instructor

Now if I could just get myself to listen to me I could have taken that business degree and begun a successful business in any of those three fields.
But I didn't know any better.

Good thing I like photography.

What do you want to be when you grow up?


Danifred said...

It's never too late for a second career. Go for it!
Hopefully, when I grow up, I'll be a tenured professor.

Andie said...

Oh boy, where do I begin? I had a situation similar to yours. However, I didn't get as far as you did because I became ill and had to drop out of college. School, work, doctors...it was all too overwhelming. So, I started off in Psychology, then Information Systems, but what I REALLY wanted to do was go to Architectural School. I'm still obsessed with it, even today. I didn't want to move away from home, so I didn't. Then, I worked doing various things when I decided to start a business in photography. My, how things changed. And, look at us now! Strutting our stuff in the world of photography. Ha! It's nice to know that I'm not alone. And truthfully, I have heard so many stories similar to ours. They go to school for something they feel passionate about and never use their degree, like selling cars for example. It happens all the time! My Niece has a degree is Psychology and she's waiting tables. See what I mean? I love what I do now, plain and simple. I feel like it was God's plan for me - going through life experiences to get to that one thing that will make me the happiest. Kinda' like dating. Going through all the bad ones to find "the one". And yes, I agree, you can always go back!


just call me jo said...

I want to be Kathleen Kelly and own The Shop Around the Corner and live in that cute apartment and eventually marry Joe Fox and be rich and write a book.

Ms Bibi said...

I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher then I started babysitting my cousins and I changed my mind. Then I wanted to own flower shop,be a tennis pro like Martina Navratilova....

Driven To Distraction said...

I too wanted to be a doctor, but the farthest I ever got was paramedic (with a BS in Psychology - which I did not need to be a paramedic.) I really wish that I had been encouraged to take some time after high school and figure out what it was that I wanted to do - it would have saved my parents a ton of money! I remember meeting a LC when I was starting work in an ICU in San Diego and thinking that her job sounded really rewarding and kind-of cool. I actually thought a few months ago that I should look into what it takes to get certified because after 3+ years of nursing 3 different kids, it is something I am familiar with!

Buckeroomama said...

I remembered wanting to be a nurse, because I love the white uniform with the white cap, like Florence Nightingale, until I learned that they have to wipe bums. Then I'd wanted to be a teacher, a cashier, a nun, a newscaster... Majored in Communications Research and enjoyed at 15-year career in advertising before becoming a full-time mother. Never did I want to nor dream of becoming a mother, yet here I am and I love it. :)

Rebecca said...

I want to get my doctorate in Clinical Psychology...I've always wanted to be a psychologist (even back when I wanted an electric blue Fiero) and while I did get my Bachelor's in psych, I didn't go any further.

I am nervous about the amount of time a program would take up and if we'd ever be able to pay back the loans! YIKES!!!

Good thing I love teaching!

cynthia said...

I want to retire when I grow up ... Being a SAHM doesn't count. I mean really retire. I want to live in a small house near a beach and spend my days reading, swimming, making sand castles with my boys and also-retired hubby and playing the occasional golf. Oh, and I want to learn how to knit and quilt. I really enjoyed this post. Thanks.

fiddlehead said...

A clown as a kindergartener! Then later thought I would be a physical therapist as I went to college, but then realized I wasn't a fan of all those science classes! Graduated with a psychology degree.....later got my social work degree with goals set on being a school social worker. I was able to accomplish that and then realized after becoming a Mom that I wanted to be a full-time Mom....I still do, and also want to be and am an artist. If I had only known myself better back then!