Friday, January 28, 2011

Picture Schedule

Muffin's therapists have suggested that I start using a picture schedule at home to help him through transitions from one activity to the next.  Picture schedules are used for children in all levels of development but are particularly helpful for children with Sensory Processing Disorder, children with Speech/Language Delays, and children on the Autism Spectrum. 

I've been a little hesitant to start, thinking that it had to be perfect.  Well, it' doesn't.  I can make it anyway that will work best for Muffin.  I've decided to make a schedule for each part of his day.

Morning (non-school day)
Morning (school day)

Here is a sample of Muffins Morning at Home schedule.

Muffin isn't non-verbal so his schedule can be fairly general to meet our needs.  I don't need to spell out every detail of his day, just steer him in a forward direction.  He needs to know that he gets to eat breakfast and watch some TV before we brush his teeth and get dressed to play and enjoy the rest of the day.  If he gets "stuck" on a certain activity, all I have to say is, 'What's Next?"  He LOVES to find out what is next.  Now moving forward is exciting and not disappointing.  We used a picture schedule this evening and he really enjoyed finishing each activity (and telling me all about it)!

I was able to find FREE printable icons at Do2Learn as well as other activity ideas to do with your little ones.  There are icons for just about everything you can imagine.  Your schedule can be as basic or as detailed as your child needs. 

Happy Scheduling!


Danifred said...

I love picture schedules. I think I posted on my blog about the picture schedule I make for Tot each week. She LOVES to know what is happening next!

Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing. Excellent for any young child! Following you from Saturday's hop.
Debbie from

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas said...

Excellent! I can this as a valuable tool for anyone with kids! I know my girls love to know what is happening on any given day. Their first question in the morning is "What are we doing today?"

This would be a great way for them to know w/o having to ask the same questions all day about what is next!

new follower - thanks for sharing!


Rebecca said...

I love this! I just talked to the Crazies about these little charts that we're going to start using. I think I'll print out the pictures too...what a better way to communicate with 2.5 year old kids...duh!

I bet Muffin loves it!