Friday, January 21, 2011

A Letter to Muffin

Dear Muffin,

I can’t believe you will be four years old in less than a month. I remember the day you came home from the hospital, like it was yesterday. Snow and ice covered the ground. I was so nervous your daddy would slide off the road on the way home, but we made it safe and sound. After only a few hours at home we lost power (and heat) and thought we may have to leave and warm up at Mimi’s house. Luckily, the fireplace kept us warm until power was restored.

It was a rough first day at home for you. Blake was still a baby himself and although excited to hug and kiss you he just as readily head butted you too. That would be the beginning of a very “hands on” relationship with your brother. It seems you two are constantly touching, jumping, running, climbing, smacking, and attacking each other! 99% of the time though you are both loving it and going back for more. It brings us such joy to see how close you two are.

As a baby you always wanted me, and only me. Getting a shower was even a challenge. You would scream and cry the entire time I wasn’t with you. Sometimes I would have to sneak out of the house to run to the store or go to work. It always broke my heart.

Once you started preschool you cried every single day we dropped you off until the very last week of school. This year you seem truly excited to be going to school. I love to watch you walking in with your Toy Story hat and Buzz Lightyear backpack.

You are in Speech Therapy to help you catch up after hearing loss caused by too much fluid build up in your ears. Tubes solved that! You don’t ask us to turn the TV up anymore. You have finally begun to speak in sentences and it’s so exciting to hear. I worry about you all the time and wonder if you’ll catch up to your peers. I pray I am doing everything I can to help you along.

You hardly eat anything. Cream cheese on waffles, Nutrigrain Cereal Bars, Yogurt, and Cheerios is about it. We are actually taking you to a feeding specialist to help us increase the types, textures, and tastes that are in your diet.

You are a sound sleeper, thank goodness. It makes up for all that non-stop running and jumping you do with your big brother Blake. Blake adores you, by the way. You literally fall asleep in less than 5 minutes. You just plain wear yourself out!

You always know exactly what you want. What TV shows to watch, what you want to eat, and especially what you want to wear. You have got to be one of the most particular children in the world. You LOVE your Wall-e t-shirts. Luckily we have 2 of them and everyday it’s a struggle to get you to wear anything else. You now understand how the washer and dryer work and ask me constantly if I’m washing your Wall-e shirts for you. If you can’t find it in the hamper we will surely find you pulling out all the clean clothes from the dryer onto the floor in search of your precious Wall-e tee's.

I’m sad that your time as a Tot is coming to an end. I love being your mommy and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and who you will become.




Rebecca said...

Love it...absolutely love it.

Laura said...

Very, very sweet - lucky boy and lucky momma

dotcomkari said...

What a beautiful letter to your little guy! I cried! seriously he is lucky to have a wonderful mommy like you