Sunday, January 30, 2011

Beat the January Blues!

We had a really big day!  If you have been reading my blog lately then you may have gathered I'm not a fan of snow.  I'm just not.  As an adult and a working mom, the snow has become a nuisance and an inconvenience.  It's fun to play and sled in initially but a day or two in of good snow cover just gets under my skin.  The kids can't go to school, schedules get demolished, and cabin fever sets in quick.

I was determined to beat the winter blues today.  We began with lunch and playtime at McDonald's.  For the boys it was more like a run-by-snacking than lunch. I enjoyed a huge coffee and snapped a few photos.

Having sufficiently worn out the boys it was then safe to proceed to our local Super Target for the weeks grocery shopping.  The boys were a dream.  It was actually an enjoyable grocery shopping trip (as enjoyable as grocery shopping can be, because we all know it sucks).

I don't remember where I came up with the idea but as we were driving home I thought what fun a trip to the indoor pool would be....

I'm a genius:)

These pictures just prove to me that my boys are meant to live near the water, where it's nice and warm. Summer will be hear before we know it...I hope.

After 2 hours at the pool we came home to relax and eat dinner. Muffin fell asleep on the couch. I wanted to hold my arms up in the air and scream "Touchdown"! For me, one of my kids falling asleep, especially Muffin, is just like complete Mommy success...I wore him out, finally!

It was a great, great day.


Tiffany said...

I'm still jealous because you have indoor pools to go to. They might exist somewhere here in Florida but none in a 50 mile radius of where I live. It is indeed a fabulous day when after all that fun, one of the kids falls asleep. It is definitely a success. :)

Brooke said...

Looks like that had a ball. What fun shots :D

Rebecca said...

Yes, you are a genius. Our health club has one, but I have to get in with them as they're still too young and not buoyant. Since I'm avoiding bathing suits like the plague, that won't be happening any time soon.

If you ever want to stop by and pick them up though, you're more than welcome.

Why do I have a sudden craving for McD's nuggets???

Awesome day, rock star!

CM said...

Oh I'm totally with ya! This cabin fever and cold weather is getting old!

The indoor waterpark...great idea! We haven't been yet this winter, but we need to. Looks like they had a blast! Great pics too (as usual)!

Danifred said...

It sounds like the perfect day! Bee recently took Tot to our indoor pool, but it wasn't nearly as wonderful as experience as you guys had.

Buckeroomama said...

I had to laugh out loud at the image you painted of you with arms in the air shouting "Touchdown!" That's how I feel sometimes when it's me who wear the kids down instead of the other way around!

I bet your kids thought you were the most awesome mommy for taking them to the indoor pool. :)