Monday, May 24, 2010

Poor Neo

Poor Neo was in a biking accident. He likes to "ride" bikes meaning run along side while Hubs pedals. He gets to run really fast and burn off some of that puppy energy. Well Saturday they were cruising along like normal when a big dog jumped up from behind a fence barking and carrying on, startling Hubs and Neo, who jumped right in front of the bike. Poor little Neo has 3 abrasions on his leg. Antibiotics and pain meds and a cone for this little guy. Doesn't he look pathetic?

I think this officially makes Neo a member of our pack since all the men in my family seem to be frequent flyers at the ER!

Friday, May 21, 2010

I Heart Faces - Fix-It-Friday #55

Here is my edit for this week. Click HERE to check out the other great edits!
Original Photo:

My Edit using Aperture 2 & Picik:

I got Towed!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! First of all nothing ticks me off more then that. Ok...the story...

Yesterday, a co-worker and I (my full time job)planned to spend the day visiting some of our clients and wishing them a great summer. We were at the office as usual around 7:30 AM to get our office work completed since we would be out of othe office for the rest of the day.

Just after 10:00 AM we drove our cars several miles away to a local Shopping center, the kind with little restaurants and a big name grocery store. We decided to leave my car there and take hers since it was a midway point between her house and the interstate that would take me hom. We were gone for less than 4 hours. We pulled in and my car was gone.

Initially I thought my 2010 car must be stolen! I hadn't parked illegally or done anything wrong. Or so I thought. The grocery store gave me the number of the towing company and said the leasing company that runs the shopping center tows. When I walked back out you can see a few small signs that say No Commuter or Overnight Parking. Was I doing that?

I call the Tow Co. They had my car. I said, "But why I didn't do anything wrong?"

then she says..."We show here that at 10:25 you got out of your car wearing black and got into another red car and left the parking lot."

"What?...." (that's me dumbfounded) Someone was watching me? I had no idea that I couldn't park there and then leave. If I even thought towing was a remote possiblilty I obviously wouldn't have left my car there. I am a complete rule follower when it comes to things like that.

Turns out it's $110 dollars to get my car back. (Insert favorite explicative here.)My co-worker takes me over to the tow lot. The lady at the desk is more then happy to take my money and as I had it over and say, "You know this is stealing, I didn't do anything wrong.", she smiles.

Grrrrr....I can feel my blood pressure rising by the second. I go get my car, ready to get out of that horrible place and notice 3 light are stuck on in the dashboard. The Parking Break Light, the ABS Warning Light, and the Stabilizer Light.


I go back into the office to see the less than eager to help professional towing counter lady and ask her to write a note on my receipt stating that the dash lights are stuck on.

I had a clear and reasonable reason to ask for this so that if it turns out they screwed up my car I have some recourse as to who is responsible.

She says, "I'm not writing anything."

I say, "I'm not leaving until I get documentation about the condition of my car when I picked it up."

She's getting pretty upitty now and I'm pretty sure my head is bobbing the way it does when I get angry. She insists that she's not doing anything and that I can call the owner later and hands me his card. Yeah, like he'll own up to it afer I take my car out of his lot.

I say, "Well fine, I'm going to call the police."
She says, "Go, ahead, they aren't going to do anything this is a civil matter."
(I take it she knows more then she should about how the police operate." Anyway, I demand repeatedly for documentation.

She gets an attitude now, "I'm not writting anything on your reciept! I'm not a mechanic, I'm not a manager, I'm not a driver, I just release the cars."

I say, "And that's all you'll ever be." and I grab my receipt and walk out.

As I'm walking away she says, "Just pull outta here with your attitiude, BITCH!"

She called me a Bitch! Wow.

I'm pretty hot and pissed off at this point. I go sit out in my car and start making phone calls. She came out and took a smoke break right in front of my car. Maybe she thought I was calling the police, which I was, because the owner showed up just like that.

He was as nice as could be. Explained why the lights were probably on and that they usually clear after you drive the car for a couple of miles. He asked if he could drive it and 5 miniutes later he was back and the lights were off:) He wrote me the statement I asked for anyway and assured me that they stand by their service and I should call him back if I have anymore trouble with the lights.

That is all I needed! How hard was that?

I feel bad for insulting the lady but she knows nothing about customer service. I had after all just handed her $110.00 cash.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Learn Something New Everyday

It's so important to learn something new everyday. If you don't, you will certainly be left behind.

When I started out as a professional photographer 10 years ago for a high-volume school photography company, we shot film, rolls and rolls of 35mm and 120mm film.

When I started out 10 years ago, Photoshop didn't exist. I remember making the transition to digital from film and all of us dragged our feet and moaned and complained about it. It was like suddenly everything I knew went out the window. The instant feedback ability along with the fact that digital sensors are way more sensitive to light then traditional film, was enought to put me over the edge while working on location in a fast paced environment with 100's of preschoolers to get through in 3 hours or less. For the first time behind the camera my equipment was getting all my attention and the subject took a back seat, for a little bit. I didn't like being distracted by the new technolgy but eventually the learning curve leveled out. Now, I can never imagine going back.

Now, my next big hurdle is editing. I currently use Apple's Aperture 2 and have been very happy with it. Photoshop, though, is always looming over me. It's the industry standard and it feels like anyone under the age of 28 knows it as well as Microsoft Word was to my generation. It's frustrating and intimidating.

Today I start my very first online Photoshop CS4 class. I am very excited to learn this program that I have been hiding from for so long. Given where I am in life and career, now is the time if I plan to take my little shop to the next level!

Wish me luck!

What do you want to learn that you have been putting off until later?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Showering Feels Like a Chore

Last night after a long day of child care, housework, toilet scrubbing, errand running, kitchen cleaning, and dishwasher emptying I realized too much time had passed since my last shower.

So at 9:30 I climb into the shower to begin the bathing ritual. It doesn't take long for my brain to make the connection and I realize as I'm lathering up my hair that this too seems like a chore. I couldn't believe the list of things I had to get through to call my shower complete...

Shampoo Hair: Lather & Rinse
Condition Hair: Lather & Rinse
Shave Armpits: Soap Up & Shave
Shave Bikini Line: Soap Up & Shave
Pumice Heels: This is not easy, I don't know how my feet get this way!
Wash Entire Body
Scrub Face: and think about why your skin looks like a 15 year olds when you are midway through your 30's.
Rince Face
Towel Off
Wrap Up Hair
Lotion Entire Body
Moisturize Face
Brush Hair
Apply Hair Product

I don't know about you but Showering has become more about Maintenance then relaxation. Maintenance seems like the best description too since all of those "chores" are supposed to help us look younger, fresher, firmer!

Getting old sucks and now even my shower makes me tired. Oh, and I FORGOT to shave my legs.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Standing on the edge of a great Precipice

I can feel it...

The always just out of reach light at the end of the tunnel...

Hubs mentioned recently that changes coming down the pike might impact me and the number of hours I have to work. I feel like a cat watching a little toy of cat nip being dangled in front of my face. I can't even say the word..."Stay at Home Mom." Oh how my daily life would be so much less stressful if I could at least reside in one land of chaos and not 2. Oh how I would love to be there for my boys now that I feel they need me more then ever.

I could spend some serious time moving my Photography Business forward.

These two things working together in sync is so tantillizing that I don't even want to talk about it outloud incase I jinx everything.

If I could run my own steady business and stay home while doing it...oh wouldn't life be grand!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Help for Muffin

I don't know where to go next. As some of you may remember I had Muffin evaluated for language delays a while back. Nothing has changed. I try to ignore it but it's true. While he has a vast vocabulary he isn't putting words together to form phrases or paragraphs. You can't carry on even a simple conversation with him the way most 3 year olds can.

He will say 2 and 3 word phrases like...
"Where is Puck?"
"Want Yogurt."
"Go Pee."
"Watch Thomas."

He can look up on his wall and spell his name because we've taught him to do it.

He eats hardly anything and refuses to try anything he doesn't like the appearance of...

Pancakes, plain
Waffles with Cream Chees
Drinkable Yogurt
Pizza, Occationally
Nutrigrain Cereal Bars
Dry Cheerios
Gold Fish or other crakers

He throws temper tantrums that can last 20 minutes or more. He will kick, hit, and scream when he is mad. If it's his brother's turn to let the dog out of his crate, Muffin with absolutely go crazy that he didn't get to do it. It's impossible to reason with him and explain that it's not his turn. Time outs are ineffecitve and he is frustrated easily.

He is also lovable and very sweet. He gives kisses and likes to cuddle. He is also potty trained during the day and olny needs pull-ups at night.

I feel like he is still two years old with no end in sight. The Child Find Evaluation basically said he is very smart and is manipulating me. I believe that is true but I don't believe that is the whole story. There is something that is not clicking for him.

Where do I go? Any advice from someone who has been there? Any ideas of what kinds of issues I should be looking at or asking the doctor about?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

No Vacation from Mom-Hood:)

There is no vacation from motherhood, even on Mother's Day. I mean , who would want one anyway? For some reason even if the boys are acting up, they still seem like little angels to me on this day...I cherish all the little things just a bit more.

Pouring milk, wiping behinds, searching in my purse for a toy of distraction, kissing boo boos, calming tantrums, folding little size clothes, cleaning up all just seems sweeter on Mother's Day:)

The day started off like most... Since it was Mother's Day Hubs had plans to make eggs and bacon for breakfast. Puck insisted on helping stir the eggs and inadvertently knocked the bowl to the floor. Maybe it was the gasp that escaped both Hubs and my lips, or perhaps it was the chorus of, "Oh Puuuuuck???" Tears ensued and the crying song of a 5 year old, "I ruined Mother's Daaaaaaaaaaaaay."

Since we were all in good moods this morning I began the mess of cleaning up raw eggs all over the kitchen floor while Hubs ran out to the market to buy, you guessed it, more eggs. Eventually we did get to eat eggs and bacon and biscuits and it was delicious. Best of all Puck most certainly did not ruin Mother's Day:)

We went to my favorite restaurant for an early dinner. Crap cakes, yum. Margaritas, even yummier! The boys were even tolerable in a busy restaurant that was beyond packed! Oooh, and I got a beautiful bird feeder. I'm hoping to attract some beautiful birds to my treeless backyard. Hand made cards from the boys too, love it!

Now the boys are in bed and I'm enjoying a nice quiet glass of red wine to end the day with. I'm feeling so lucky to have such a great husband that wants to make these days special for me and the boys:) Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day too:)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Moving in the Right Direction!

OK. So finally I am moving down in numbers on the scale. Today is day 3 of my Raw Food Cleanse. It's going great and already I can see that my body is craving different kinds of food.

Instead of reaching for a diet coke this morning I grabbed a bottle of water instead and it was so satisfying! I'm really proud of myself and I hope these new habits will help me lay the ground work for continued and consistant weight loss in order to meet my goal of 129 lbs?

Why 129 lbs you ask? Beacuse that's how much I weighed the last time I wore my favorite pair of white shorts! I don't anticipate being able to wear them by summers end but that is where I am heading on this adventure.

I'm also excited to be working on a blog project with a friend of mine...stay tuned for the Weight Loss Mommies...coming soon!

Why I do what I do......Wordless

A rare photo of both of my boys in the same frame:)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Praise Moms

Woman are amazing. I feel so lucky to know so many fabulous and amazing woman from all stages of life. Young ladies, single woman, professional women, married woman, grandmothers, stepmothers...

Mother's are even more amazing! Mother's know all to well what selflessness really is. Only mother's can know what it's like to put everyone above yourself. Only mother's know what it's liked to be pulled in 100 different directions. Only mother's can multitask like some sort of superhero!

No one ever told me just how challenging being a mom would actually be. It's not all pushing strollers through the park and rocking sweet babies to sleep. It's frustrating and crazy and messy. It's also rewarding and fun and snuggly.

I was lucky to attend the Mother's Day Breakfast for my sons preschool class today. When Puck saw me he smiled so proudly and presented me with this beautiful necklace that he made. I had to hold back the tears!

I hope all the moms out there in Blog-Land have a fabulous Mother's Day Weekend:)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fantastic First Raw Lunch!

After a sluggish morning on a breakfast of lemon water and an apple (I forgot my banana) by the time lunch rolled around I was second guessing myself about getting into this whole "Raw Food Cleanse" and I was starving.


Organic Spring Salad with Tomatoes and Cucumber, Olive Oil, and Sea Salt. It was DELICIOUS! Then I finished off with a bowl of raspberries, blue, berries, and pear slices. I am so happy and so FULL!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Going for the Raw Food Cleanse

If you read my last post you will see I was considering the book, "Raw Food Cleanse" by Penni Shelton. Well, I ran out today and bought the book! I am so excited about it. The information about what we as Americans are putting in our all makes so much sense. It's got me really motivated and excited about not just trying to lose weight but to change the way I eat and think about food.

The book recommends starting out with the 3-day cleanse to see how your body does. Then depending on your goals there are plans for 7, 14, and 28 day plans.

Anyone want to join in with me?

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Books & Diets

Has anyone read a book like this or done any kind of Raw Food Cleanse?
I was just looking at this book...

I'm would really like to drastically reduce the amount of processed food from my diet and think that doing so has even longer lasting health benefits. Any suggestions or experiences to share or other books to suggest?
Also you can see my latest blog post over at Stepping on Cheerios by clicking HERE.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

Lately the reflection looking back at me might as well be a stranger.

I look fat and old and tired. My skin is in terrible condition and my hair is a frizzy, greasy mess. I'm so unhappy with my current weight and feel like the whole world is noticing how ugly I am. My clothes don't fit right just sucks. It all sucks.

I hate that I can't wear any of my cute summer clothes from last year. I hate that it looks like I've apparently given up. I hate that wearing jeans is no longer comfortable because they squeeze me in all the wrong places. I've even stopped wearing make-up...never a good sign.

I hate that all my self confidence has been covered up by an extra 30+ pounds...