Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sock it to Me Saturday

I've got a lot of things to do today. I wonder if I can find the energy to do everything that I have in the endless To Do list that exists in my mind.

I made a TuTu last night for a photo shoot I have tomorrow. I need to make one more today as there are 2 sisters.

I need to clean out some closets. I'm wondering if I can convince Hubs that our loft would be a great place to make a photo studio. That would possibly mean the boys would have to share a room and we could make another bedroom a play room. The nursery could become a small guest room or an office for Hubs. If I didn't always have to work on location then I could limit the time I'm out of the house:)

My goal with all this photography the time Muffin enters Kindergarten which it about 2-1/2 years away, be able to work my business full-time so that I am completely independent, no boss. This would allow me to pick my kids up at the bus top or volunteer at their schools. This would allow me to be around and be the mom I really want to be and still provide that 2nd income my family needs.

Their faces are all the motivation I need to keep pushing forward even when my confidence is low or I'm tired, which is often! I should have done this years ago. I've been a professional photographer for 10 years working for someone else. I'm in my mid 30's and it's time for ME to call the shots of my own life.

Do you have a goal or a plan for yourself? I would love to hear it!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers - Heat 'em Up!

Heat Up your leftovers with the lovely and sarcastic Danifred over at Sippy Cups are Not for Starbucks to play along with us!
*Must do more Yoga. Need to develop a home paractice that I can actually commit to doing each night, even if it's a little gentle stretching and meditation before bed. Namaste.

*Must incorporate Cardio Workout at least 3 times a week. I don't know why I just can't motivate myself to do this. I'm glad March is just around the corner. It's a lot easier to run/walk outside with Puck can ride his bick and Muffin can ride in the jogger.

*Checking the calendar for my beach dates this summer. Oh how I long to feel the heat of the sun on my skin and the taste of cold beer in my mouth at the same time!

*Can't belive Kindergarten Registration is a month away...unbelievable. I want Puck to grow up and stop growing up all at the same time.

*Muffin is having his evaluation for speech in our home on Monday. I'm anxious to see how it goes.

*Need to develop a plan and routine of booking new photography clients on a regular basis. Running a business this early on means it takes up all your free time, which I have none of anyway.

*Each and every single closet in mu house needs a complete and utter overhaul. I wish I could have one of those construction dumpsters for one day so I could just get rid of all the s**t that is cluttering up my home and my mind.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

How can I be tired? I'M A MOM!!!

I'm so tired.

I was so exhausted last night that I didn't even feel like reading blogs. I spent an hour and a half working on my photog business. Editing and ordering prints and ordering various business stationary items.

We went to bed early.

I had 9 hours of sleep. I woke up even more exhausted. The kind of exahusted that makes one misjudge the opening to the bathroom door and slam your shoulder on the jam on the way in. I have the huge noticeable bags under my eyes. How do I make those go away and where in the hell did they come from?

I felt so sleepy when sitting in traffic I thought how it would feel so good to just pull over and nap in the car.

Hubs called and asked how I was and when I said I was tired he couldn't believe how that was possible.

This got me thinking...what are the possible reasons that I could be tired besides being sick which he was worried about.

*I'm a mom.

*I commute about 2 hours a day.

*I leave the house around 6:30 AM.

*I have 2 kids.

*The laundry is never done.

*The housekeeping duties are unrelenting. (Dishwasher, Toys, Coffee Making, Pet Care, Vacuuming, Bathrooms, Organization, Keeping Clutter at bay, picking up shoes...I could go on and on as all moms know.

*Most mornings I would rather sleep for 10 extra minutes then get up and take a shower.

*The temperature at work has been uncomfortable...meaning I am mistreated and underapreciated on a daily basis.

*I take both kids to TKD twice a week meaning I have to fight and chase Muffin aroud the whole time so that Hubs can go to the gym. Which I really want him to be able to do. I enjoy being able to help him out in this way. (He cooks every night for me.)

I know this must sound like I am complaining...I'm not. I'm just tired. Maybe mom-tired is the new rested.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award:)

Wow! I won an award from Rebecca of Unexplained X2!...It's so nice to hear that other moms like reading my blog:) Now, here's what I'm supposed to do:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and copy the award in your blog
2. Link the person who nominated you for this award
3. Share seven interesting things about yourself
4. Nominate seven fellow bloggers and add the links to their blogs

7 Interesting things about me...hmm...

1. In High School I was a band geek. I spent four years in Colorguard, you know the flag girls that do the half-time show with the band. People always tease me when they hear but I don't care. I loved it and I loved performing. Ohhh, and I was even the Captain for my Jr and Sr year! Yeah baby!

2. I still sleep with my baby blanket. Shhh...don't tell anyone it's a secret!

3. I hope to be a Children's Yoga instructor someday.

4. I used to be fluent in French. I studied the language for 9 years and spent 6 weeks in Paris during a summer in college.I say "Used to be" because it's true what they say...use it or lose it:(

5. I met Hubs at work! My old job, not the one I have now. At one point I told him he wasn't my type and I would NEVER go out with him. Whoops.

6. I can drive a fork-lift.

7. I want another baby, Hubs doesn't.

My Beautiful Blogger Nominations...

1. Lindsay of Once Upon a Mommy. She is the one that designed my fabulous new blog!

2. T at Picture This. This is one of the photos blogs I regularly visit. Besides beautiful photos she is hilarious!

3. Baby Mama over at Blog Baby. They have been going through some tough times and I thought she could use some blog love. She also make beautiful headbands for your little girls!

4. Just Call Me Lucy. One of my new followers! Left me a great comment recently...looks like we may have a lot in common:)

5. Fishsticks & Fireflies. This is one of my fav bloggers. I look for posts everyday:)

6. Mom Tog . This is a great blog for pros or moms who love to take photos. Great tips, stories, and resources. I was a guest blogger previously under my photo blog! Enjoy:)

7. Sippy Cups are not for Starbucks This was the first blog I started following and the inspiration for starting my own:)

Have fun checking out these great bloggers you may not have met yet!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday

I am participating in my first Post it Note Tuesday. I thought Shell's Post It's were great so I wanted to join in on the fun!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Bird In a Dryer

Mondays are my days home with my boys. I get to wake up with them and drive them to Preschool and pick them up.

It's the day I try to get things done around the house or go grocery shopping. I felt like I hadn't sat down all day. I even made a TuTu for my neighbors 2 year old daughters birthday:)

Fast forward to bedtime. During the boys shower time I tell Hubs the dryer had stopped working. It was working fine just an hour before. He pulls it out and starts to investigate...

I get Muffin to bed, it's easy since he seems to have given up naps. Puck wants to be involved in the laundry room excitement.

I'm standing there as Hubs is behind the dryer and he stands up with the funniest look on his face saying, "OMG." I'm like, "what? what?" My neighbor is standing with us and he says, "Are those crows feet?"

"What?" That's me...

There was a big black bird stuck in the back of my dryer. Yeah, really. Ewwwwww! Disgusting.

Hubs gets it out, blood and feathers and all. Puck is asking to see it! "I won't be scared mommy..." Yeah right! He made me promise to show him the photos...

I'll never think of clean laundry the same again. I'm pretty impressed with Hubs tonight. The dryer started right up. It's now drying a load of bleach soaked towels..just to make me feel better....

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Anniversary Getaway

So if you read my last post you know that Hubs surprised me about 12 hours before we had to leave that we were blowing the burbs for a one night Anniversary Getaway! I was so excited because we usually do this kind of thing every year but had decided we would try to save some cash. Who is excited? Me!

We went to the National Harbor and checked into the Westin! This is one of our favorite hotels and have been doing a sort of Westin tour every where we go. We walked around the shops and headed over to explore The Gaylord Hotel, amazing! They have this gigantic atrium with stores, shops, bars, and restaurants, and it's all inside! We came upon a Spa and he says let's go in and look at their prices...We walk in and he says to the lady at the desk, "This is Brandi she is here for her 2:00 Chocolate Raspberry Pedicure." I'm stunned into silence. He had made me an appointment!!! My feet were in terrible shape too...Just soaking them in that little whirlpool for feet was such a joy. I got to snack on strawberries and flip through magazines for a full hour. My heels are now as soft as a baby's's a miracle! After the pedicure I got to "dry" in the Relaxation Lounge with hot tea and panoramic views of the water....It's like I died and went to heaven!

Next we hit a bar and enjoyed a couple of beers and some really fantastic wings. The best part was I didn't have to rush to eat my food or try to entertain a cranky 3 year old. No one needed to be escorted to the potty. There were no crayons are little cars anywhere to be seen. Heaven.

Dinner at an authentic Mexican restaurant with a view of the Harbor at night. They made fresh guacamole right at our table. Real Margaritas with Silver Tequila. Salt. Delicious.

The best part was that Hubs and I actually got to engage in adult conversation without and interruptions. We needed it. I think we are both feeling refreshed and renewed. I think we also remembered that we need to appreciate each other a little more and not take so much for granted:)

We even spent an hour in the hotels hot tub. I slept like a baby and my Hubs had to wake me up at 10:00. ***10:00 AM***.

After a great Breakfast buffet at The Gaylord it was time to check out. We had a great time. I missed my boys though and coming home to Muffin running down the hall calling, "Mommy, Mommy" with the biggest smile on his face just made the whole weekend.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

*While we were out at dinner and running errands tonight, Hubs asked me why Muffin was wearing his snow boots...I said, "Because he had poop on his sneakers." Earlier today he missed the potty (he is in training)so I just tossed the shoes out back until I could clean them.

*After a trip to Target tonight Hubs brought home one of those chair back massager things..the boys of course wanted to play with it. When it stopped working Hubs tried to blame the boys for pushing the buttons too much. He hit the thing and it started working again...we all cheered, including the boys!

*Hubs surprise me tonight by letting me know that we have a babysitter lined up for tomorrow and will be spending the day and overnight away from the chaos! Yeah. I just HAD to have a new dress so while we were at Target picking up beer, milk, and yogurt, and a back massager, I got a black dress. I love Target, they have everything:)

Taste all the other Leftovers by visiting Danifred!

Dinner Drama

The kids are always talking over us. It's hard enough to maintain sanity in a marriage or any relationship for that matter when you can't even exchange 2 sentences together.

Last night Hubs makes us a delicious fattening dinner of chicken alfredo complete with garlic bread. The boys are playing and watching Toy Story (everyday we watch this movie for Muffin). The second Hubs and I sit down it's boys in our faces, "Get me this..." "Get me that". Then the fighting ensues of this damn jumbo firetruck that they like to race around the kitchen with. Hubs looks at me, voice starting to raise, "Throw that damn firetruck away, I want it gone!!!" (They are always fighting over it.) So I toss it out onto the patio.

Back to dinner...Hubs and I don't get 3 words out, I'm not even sure I had had a bite to eat yet, when all of a sudden both boys are screaming, someone pinched someone...I jump up and yell, "I caaaaaaan't eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat dinneeeeeeeeeeeer liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!!!!!!!!

Two minutes later Hubs and I are back at the table eating a very lovely and quiet dinner while both boys are sitting quietly on the couch finishing the movie. I guess we stunned them into silence.

Dinner was fantastic!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hating to Discipline

Do you ever hate it when you have to be the parent? Do you ever hate it when you really have to step forward and discipline your child even though you just want to let it go because you love your kid no matter what? It happened to me tonight.

Puck's first TKD class after earning his white belt. He was terrible! Horsing around, not paying attention, not following instructions...uggg.

My husband is always after me because I let Puck off the hook. Tonight, we came home and I made Puck sit on the couch and I told him how disappointed I was in his behavior in class (I even saw the teacher talk to him at the end of class). I took away his beloved belt. He cried. He went up to his room and cried. My husband was so proud of me for making a stand. It still sucks though. I hated doing it but Puck doesn't know that. I know it's for his own good.

He knows he can earn it back before his next class if he tries really hard. Wish him luck, wish me luck!

New Custom Blog Design! Check It Out!

I am so in love with my new Custom Blog Design by Blogoholic Designs! I love it. If you've been looking for a fresh, unique, and affordable design then you MUST contact Lindsay.

Manic Mother

Thank you for putting up with all my back and forth and changes. I'll be sticking with this for awhile. I've also added pages and I can't wait to fill those up with all my favorite stuff! Show my designer lots of love by leaving comments and checking out her site!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fat & Happy or Skinny & Sad

Since July I have gained 30 lbs. The weight gain was fast and it showed up in places that I'd never had problems with before. It was around that time that I started taking medication to...lets just say level out my ups and downs. Well, as it turns out weight gain is a side affect. Super.

My cup size has gone from an A to at least a Full C. I've gone from a 6 to a 12 WTF? So that in itself is depressing. I've never had big boobs outside of breastfeeding so I suppose that is a positive...maybe I'll go buy a really fabulous sexy bra!!!

Blogs on the Go?

How do you ladies out there in the blogosphere read blogs when you are on the go? This morning I find myself super early to a photo shoot and would love to catch up with everyone!

So instead I'm sitting in my car looking out at heaps and piles of snow, bare trees, and a cold winter sky. Spring, please

get here soon!!!

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Proud Mama Here!

We've tried soccer and T-Ball. Now we have Puck enrolled in Tae Kwon Do. It's EXPENSIVE. Did I mention it's expensive? It's also the most amazing program for high energy kids like my son I have ever seen. Bar None. It keeps his attention every second he is in that place. He gets to do all the things he's usually not allowed to, jump, kick, punch, yell...yep YELL! The louder the better!

Tonight was a really big night. He earned his white belt. He has been taking TKD for about a month and a half, maybe two. His white belt test was last Saturday and it lasted 45 minutes long! I think I was more nervous then he was. He did it. He passed. So today in class he was awarded the WHITE BELT and I almost cried because I knew that he actually worked really hard for it. It was a proud mama moment. During other activities it's often me that is begging him to participate and be like the others...not in TKD...this is his thing. Did I mention I almost cried! I also LOVE to see him break boards. They must be trick boards but it's so exciting.

Enjoy the photos:)

Combining Craziness

Lately I have been all over the map. Blog-wise, I removed my original mom blog and changed the URL to another blogger account to allow for a little more anonymity. The I hoped over to WordPress…impossible I might add. I missed my HTML. What is CSS anyway? I have my professional photography blog and a weight loss blog. I love blogging but spreading myself too thin is ruining the experience for me. I am under construction once again and hoping for a cute new design too, once I can get the layout the way I want it.
Life has been crazy with my kids out of school for over 2 weeks now. They need to go back to school as much for my sanity as for theirs. Trapped in the house with only a limited number of toys, games, and DVD’s is getting to all of us.
Instead of taking advantage of the ample time away from work and pushing forward with my photography business, weight loss goals, and the laundry, I’m sorry to say I have accomplished almost nothing. Laziness begets laziness, at least for me.
More to come…alot more to come as I continue on my adventure as a mom, wife, friend, and photographer.
So I hope you keep coming back and reading these words while I get everything squared away.
Why a blog. When I started blogging in October I thought it was to share the story of my life with other moms going through the same things I am. I love it for that reason but it’s also serving a very therapeutic purpose for me too. I love to share my triumphs and my failure, my excitement and my disappointment with woman who have been there and understand where I am coming from.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Is 8.3 lbs attainable?

I just sat down and looked at the calendar and the calculator. I realized that in order to meet my weight loss goals I have to lose 8.3lbs a week for the next 19 weeks. Is that even possible? This got me thinking that I don't even know what is attainable and what's not.

Anyone have suggestions for me? Books or online resources? Help!

I got {The Sunshine Award}

I was given The Sunshine Award by Shell over at Things I Can't Say. It was her way of showing some Valentines Day love. She gave several awards to some great bloggers....I hope to read more of her suggestions tonight after my little ones go to bed! Go on over and check out the rest of her Valentines:) Thanks Shell, you made my day!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why Weight

It was over a year ago that I realized I had completely forgotten to take care of myself. Between the house, kids, husband, & job, I had put myself utterly and completely last. It took a long time to gain back my self confidence. I bought new clothes and I started wearing make-up again and I cut my hair for the first time in too long, and I lost weight, a lot of it.

I've been thinking about why I've gained the weight back. There are lots of reasons I suppose, I think I lost myself again. It takes effort to put yourself on the "To Do List," but that's exactly what I need to do.

I hope you'll join me...I can't do it alone.

Can it be, my baby is 3???

I can't believe my youngest babe has made the leap to 3. It seems like just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital. Only to realize that Puck was a rather large threat to our newborns safety! Within minutes of arriving home I'm sitting on the couch holding my bundle of joy when a 2 year, 4 month old Puck headbutts our 4 day old baby Muffin! Ahhhhh! After I recovered from that it wasn't long before a sleeping Muffin was awakened in the Pack & Play by a full bottle of Johnsons Baby Lotion narrowly missing his face... Deep breaths. Breath. Muffin spent almost the entire first 3 months of his life in a bouncy seat in the center of the kitchen island, as far out of reach from big brothers reach as he could get. So the fact that he is here and that I was able to protect him from his big brother long enough for him to get robust enough to fight back (and now they both give as well as they get) it's a huge success as a mom:)

My boys seem to be the best of friends. For all the moments breaking up fights over toys or other sibling drama event, there are twice as many tender moments that I see pass between them. It's truly amazing and it makes me so happy to see real love pass between them on a daily basis. Puck is the name given to him by Muffin, since Muffin cannot say his real name. We love it and have taken to using the nickname as well.

Nothing about Muffin has ever been easy, well except Breastfeeding (the opposite story of Puck). Being his mom has tested me on so many levels but I can't imagine having him any other way. Enjoy my favorite photos of my 2nd born son.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

*The snow managed to shatter the windshield of one of our cars....super.
*I hate snow and If I ever see it again I'm moving to South America.
*3 years ago today Muffin came into this world. My life has been changed for the better ever since. It's also been challenging and trying and joyous.
*Potty Training seems to be going swimmingly!
*I hate that I have gained so much weight. It is very depressing and the blizzard hasn't helped one bit. Sigh....
*I like my new blog but miss all my followers from the old blog.

For more tasty leftovers please visit our chef, Danifred.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chik Fil-A to the Rescue (and "Motherbitches")

One of my bloggy friends speaks of these "Mother bitches" on her blog, Things I can't Say. I love her blog it's everything you want to say but can't or don't or won't.

As many of you know I've been snowed in for days here. At 10:30 AM with a half naked potty training toddler and a back talking 5 year old running circles around the kitchen at decibel levels OSHA would show concern over, I announce "We're getting out of here!"

I load the kids up in the car, sans coats because who has time to stop for that, and we are off! Woooo Hoooo! I'm surprised that there is only one little boy running around in the playplace. I release the hounds, I mean my boys, and they run with socked feet up the climbers and down the slides in pure bliss:) I treat myself to a big cup of coffee and settle in to read a book. I'm enjoying watching them enjoying their play time so I don't even read a whole page before I put it away.

It's not long before I notice them...The suspected Motherbitches. I've never met these women in my life so I am only assuming...but still...I think I can tell. They congregate in a group of 3 moms and 4 or 5 kids (none over the age of 2-1/2). All the kids are dressed to the nines, matching sweaters, hats, socks. Big-Ass diaper bags abound...along with the whining. All the kids are whiney, clingly little (oh you can insert you favorite word here). My boys are running around in Tee's and Jeans making growling noises and who knows what else.

It was making my skin crawl to hear the baby way these women were talking to their kids. Does anyone know what I'm talking about here? I talk to my kids like they are smart, intelligent, little people. I don't coddle and I yell or raise my voice when appropriate. I don't freak out when they cry over the smallest things and I don't hose them down with anti-bacterial hand gel every chance I get. These woman never even looked me in the eye. They have no idea yet what it's like to have a 5 year old and a 3 year old at the same time. My boys, jump, climb, yell, scream, laugh, slide, tumble...they love life.

I'm trying like hell to nurture their spirits. I'm trying like hell to raise confident, self-assured young men who don't need to worry about what other people think of them in order to value themselves.

I've never been able to fit into these so called "Mom Groups". I hate them actually and have been openly looked down upon more then once for being a working mom. I feel sorry for woman who appear to have lost all of themselves in order to be what they consider good moms. I believe in order to be a good mom you must also love and take care of yourself. I bring more to the table and I'm teaching my boys how to respect the woman of their futures.

We spent almost 3 hours getting all that snowed-in energy out. It was a blast:)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowed In...Still??? Have a laugh!

We are STILL snowed in. The Federal Government is closed for the 4th consecutive day. My office is even closed again for the 3rd day. In 10 years I think my office has closed only 1 other day. I'm all for snow days but this is getting ridiculous. We are all bored our of our minds. We've watched all the videos (more than once), eaten all the popcorn, done almost all the laundry, eaten all the other good snacks, played all the games, done all the puzzles.

Here I sit with the boys asleep in bed, watching re-runs of Cougar Town (OMG did I just admit that) and drinking a bourbon and coke. Since we are all bored our of our minds (you blog readers included) I thought I would add some cheesy pix and an OUTRAGEOUS video of my Hubs playing in the SNOWTORIOUS BIG BLIZZARD. One word of caution, there may be a bad word or 2, in case that bothers you...


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Motherhood. Before & After

Life after kids is wonderful. It's also different and you are no longer the center of the world.

Here is my Before - After

Filed and painted long nails - Cut them short, very often uneven, almost always unpainted (don't even ask about my feet!)

Plucked eyebrows daily/weekly - Tweezers come out of the medicine cabinet about once every three months...little sprouts abound, don't look too close.

Gap - Old Navy & Target

Showered everyday - When was my last shower?

Slept in on the weekends - Coffee is the new sleep.

Boobs were for beauty - Boobs are for feeding

Gave the evil eye to moms with misbehaving kids in public - Smile & offer assistance & reassurance.

Went to the bathroom alone - Flushed privacy down the toilet

Had a career - Just go to work

Loved yourself - Love your kids more then anything else

Remembered Everything - Forget Everything

So yeah, I'm a fatter, less fashionable, hairier forgetful version of my former self. Yet, because I'm a mom, I'm stronger, and wiser, and more determined to live life to the fullest and be the best woman I can be:) Moms are the most remarkable woman I have the pleasure of being friends with.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Cabin Fever

Let's see we are on day 4 of no school and no work. I did manage to get out to Target today with the boys for a little superfluous spending and some well deserved time outside of the house. Chik Fil-A might as well have been a gourmet meal. The boys didn't even ask to go outside to play in the snow today...seems as though they are tired of it as well.

My husband and I don't even want to think about what is potentially happening to the structure of our house under the weight of all this ice and makes me shiver just thinking about it...One of our cars has a beautiful spider inspired crack in the windshield thanks to this gift from mother nature. Ugg!

I have tried to use this extra time at home for some good and for 2 days now we have begun seriously potty training Muffin. He is so much older than Puck was but I just didn't see what the big hurry was the 2nd time around. Muffin will be 3 years old on Friday! Unbelievable.

More snow is coming tomorrow 12" or more is what I've heard. How do people live in snowy places and not go completely insane?