Thursday, December 16, 2010

Santa is a Diva

I was more excited about my kids getting their picture taken with Santa than they were!  It's something we do every year, a tradition. 

Anyone who knows me in real life knows my boys are insane high energy.  The prospect of waiting in a long line to see Santa terrifies me.  It's hard enough to get through the line at the grocery store without breaking into a sweat.

The only year I waited in line was when Puck was a newborn, not even 2 months old!  My best friend and I drank coffee while Puck slept for the hour plus that we waited for the big guy.  He was even sleeping on Santa's lap.  It's probably my favorite.

By the time the next year rolled around I knew I would never be able to wait in that line again.  So I went online and found out what time Santa "opened" so that I could be first in line.  I've done this every year like clockwork and been first every single time.  In and out Santa photos in under 3 minutes. 

I love collecting each years photos with the REAL Santa!  This guy is the BEST!  Click HERE to see the photos leading up to this year

I mistakenly assumed that this year would be the same.  As we approached "The North Pole" I saw a huge crowd of people and dogs.  Yes, Dogs.  They were taking photos of Dogs with Santa.  There was no note of this online.  I was informed that they were finishing up with the dogs and would be starting with the kids at 10:00 as scheduled but that I couldn't get in line yet. 

I was getting nervous.  I even remarked to the lady that I had checked the hours online.  She said they were giving numbers out and I was number 15.  NUMBER 15???  OK, that's not too bad I supposed.  I did have to use the ladies room so I dragged the boys down the corridor with me and their coats in tow.

When we got back....I almost had a heart attack.

There must have been 150 people in line to see Santa.

I grabbed my boys, and my number 15, and raced around the other side to find the lady that gave me the where in sight.

I was in the verge of complete freak out.  One of the Elves told me to wait in line.  She asked the lady in front of me if she had a number, she said 2.  The Elf started to walk away and I said (pretty loudly mind you), "She doesn't have the number 2, she has 2 kids!!!  None of these people have numbers!!!" 

Everyone was looking at me now.

By some Christmas miracle I was whisked up to the front of the line.  I was thinking about Muffin since the last couple of years he screamed bloody murder.  I was thinking he might just refuse all together sitting on Santa's lap.

and just like that it's our turn.  Puck jumps right up and I set Muffin down, he doesn't make a sound.  Then I look up at Santa.

It's a DIFFERENT guy.  It's not the beloved perfect Santa of the past 6 years....

In true crazy fashion I turn around put my hands on the counter, lean over to the "Elves" and quietly whisper firmly through my teeth, "Where is the OTHER Santa????"

They started talking.  As it turns out he doesn't "do" dogs and wasn't coming in until 3:00.  OK, Santa is a diva.

We got the photo.  At least Muffin wasn't crying this year.

It just goes to show you...the best laid plans.  Puck didn't notice the difference of course and was as excited as ever....

Merry Crazy Christmas!


JoAnna Williams said...

I get acute anxiety in lines as well. I have to take a xanax before I go into walmart or the grocery store. Even when I don't have my kids with me. Pics are way cute. I think 2009 is my favorite. It's very classic.

JoAnna Williams said...

LOL I meant 2008.

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Such a sweet photo with Santa! No photos with Santa here! ;)

I found your blog on Hartley's SPD Blogger Network. I just joined up!

Jessy - Mom to 3 including an almost 6-year-old with SPD

Ashley said...

Ha sounds crazy! Glad you got your pic and it's cute too!

Danifred said...

That is crazy. I'm sorry you missed the "other" Santa and that he's a diva.

Rebecca said...

Would you "do" dogs??? I wouldn't. That's just weird! The picture is cute...sorry about the line. That would have thrown me into a panic too!