Monday, December 6, 2010

Muffin Update - SPD

Where are the curls???
I've been so busy getting ready for Christmas that I haven't blogged about Muffin much lately.  There is actually a lot going on with him...

The county school system has determined that he needs further evaluation.  I'm not sure that really helps anything except prolonging any services that he needs now.  We continue to pay for private Speech and OT twice a week.  Since the holidays are here everything is just taking longer.

Thursday is the big day for us.  Surgery for Tubes in his ears!  We are so excited we can hardly wait to see what, if any improvements this will hold for sweet Muffin.  At pre-op I learned he had an ear infection which was complete news to me.  He surely has a high pain threshold which I have read can be found in some children with SPD.  Let's just say it takes a LOT to take this kid down!

What continues to blow me away is his slow but steady improvement in personality and cognitive development.  Today when I picked him up from school he bounced into my arms and said, "I had a good day at school!"  Then he proudly showed me the little stamp on his hand he earned from his teacher.

Transitioning from one activity to another continues to be difficult for my baby boy.  He gets fixated on playing a video game or watching TV and turning it off for a trip to the store or to sit down for dinner is so difficult.  It's something we are working through.

Eating hasn't gotten any better:(

Muffin had his hair cut this past weekend.  It was traumatic for both of us.  He absolutely did not want a hair cut.  He sat on my lap and screamed and jerked the entire time.  The hair cut is uneven and she cut off too much...almost all the curls are gone.  I was so side tracked by his vehement opposition that I wasn't even paying attention to the amount of hair that was hitting the floor...I just wanted to be able to explain to him that everything was OK...I don't think I'll be making him get another haircut anytime soon.

Being Muffin's mom is a daily adventure in just about every emotion a mom can have...and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the whole world.


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Ah, the testing cycle. Gotta love it. He sounds like an awesome little man!

The Tompkins Family said...

Curls or no curls, he is gorgeous!

*Jess* said...

Just ride the school! Call every day if you have to. They can drag stuff out forever!

Kristiina said...

Glad that things are moving forward, even if it is slowly. My nephew has sensory issues and could NOT get a haircut in a shop/store. It was the sensation of his hair touching him. So my sister in law started cutting his hair in the shower and he was ok with it. Now he can go to the barber shop, but it took some time to get to that point.

Just continue to be persistent! And enjoy the Christmas season!

Rebecca said...

He's still a cutie patootey! The sound of the scissors seems to be an issue for my kids has gotten better b/c we did a few haircuts at home, but it's still nerve wracking. You hung in there, made it through.

Another blog friend just had her daughter go through ear tube surgery and is thrilled with the results so far. Hope he handles it just as well!