Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Moms, What's On Your Christmas List?

I have such fond memories of my childhood Christmas'.  If my parents ever struggled to put gifts under the tree, I certainly never knew about it.  I remember each Christmas being more magical than the last. 

It was the same for me each year.  The excitement that had been building up in me for over a month made it nearly impossible to fall asleep the one night a year when kids actually want to go to sleep as fast as possible.  I would toss and turn over and over again while I waited for sleep to come.  It did and then I would wake up...usually in the middle of the night.  I remember my mom telling me that they would no sooner crawl in bed themselves (probably exhausted from some celebratory cocktails and hours of assembling toys with instructions printed only in French) when they would hear my feel running down the hallway. 

This is what I remember most...

Waking up in a quiet house with everyone nestled all snug in their beds while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads...everyone except for me that is.  I was creeping silently down the hall to the Christmas Tree to scope out the loot that Santa had left for me!  That moment when I would peer around the corner and the tree would come into view with the lights spreading just enough light upon the treasures and surprises that lie beneath...there was nothing more magical for me as a child.  One year I made coffee at 3:00 AM thinking it would rouse my sleeping parents, it didn't.  Even my younger sister couldn't have been bothered about crawling out of her warm bed until the Christmas when I shook her and said, "But there's bikes!  Santa brought bikes!"  That was a great Christmas.

I don't remember the youngest years but recall the stories my parents told me....My mom found me playing with my Barbie Dream House at 3:30 in the morning.  Back to bed I was sent.  One Christmas I emptied out the stockings that were laid for my sister and me and switched items that I liked better, not realizing that my parents would know the difference...Santa wouldn't know either, right?

Even when I came home from college for the holidays, I continued to wake early, walk downstairs, and checkout the pile of goodies under the tree...

Christmas got even more fun as I got older and started working and earning money of my own.  I learned the joy of giving.  I would put so much thought into the gifts I selected for my parents, wanting to give them the same kind of Christmas they had always given me.  Watching my parents open gifts from me, was honestly the best feeling ever.

Now that my boys are getting old enough to understand who Santa is and what he does, well Christmas just can't be more fun then that!  It's like reliving the magic of my childhood all over again.  My boys however have been told that if they go downstairs without us that all the presents will disappear. Selfishly, we want to see their reaction to the pile of loot that we Santa brought for them.  I do regret denying that feeling to my sons that only a child sneaking to the Tree undercover of Christmas Lights can have...I'm sure they will outsmart us at some point;)

My parents always exchanged gifts, small tokens of love and pajamas.  I remember that my mom was never really happy with her gifts.  Sweaters that didn't match her style, pajamas that were the wrong size.  One year she just about threw a fit over a new set of Pots & Pans until my dad told her to look inside...hidden in a sauce pan was a diamond tennis bracelet.  Sneaky Santa!

Which leads me to current day.  Buying gifts for Hubs...SUCKS!  He is so particular that he has returned more gifts then I care to go into.  I also get a list of exactly what he wants right down to the color, size, and model number.  It's ridiculous.  Even on the few times that I have come up with something I think is personal and unique he'll shake the box and instantly guess it's contents.  It's like a gift-giving buzz kill. 

I never return anything that was given to me as a gift.  The way I figure, you wouldn't have it at all if someone who cares about you didn't select it just for you, so what if that hideous sweater hangs unworn in your closet for 5 years.  I don't know, I have very strong feelings about exchanging and returning gifts.

This year he asked me what I wanted.  I e-mailed him my list.  There were 2 things on it:  A  GPS Running Watch and Diamond Earrings.  Yes, you read that right, diamond earrings.  We've been together for 10+ years.  I've gotten just about every gift you can get from your husband:  slippers, PJ's, Bubble Bath, Foot Massagers, Scarves, Sweaters, cell phones, candles, etc.  Here's the thing...he is a quantity vs quality guy.  He would rather have a huge heap of presents under the tree, you know, lot's to unwrap.  At this point in my life I would rather have one really nice thing that I can't go out and buy myself.  We'll see what happens but I'm not holding out for the earrings.  He asked me for more items on my list but has since come up with reasons why those other items aren't good options....ok.

As a mom, what's on your Christmas List this year?  What is the one special thing you would love to unwrap under your tree this year?

Write your own post on Christmas memories or your Christmas wishes!  Leave a comment if you do:)


Ashley said...

I'm dying over you switching the stockings! Haha. I hope you get your earrings! I'm hoping for camera equipment this year.

Rebecca said...

I would flip my lid for a iPad, but would totally settle for the North Face Parka that covers my tush in this cold cold weather!

I also wouldn't mind a camera bag...a nice pretty one...not the ugly black one that came with the camera...picky? Maybe, but so be it!

Brandy@YDK said...

I'm the worst person to buy presents for. I never seem to be happy. maybe it's just my husband that sucks at picking them out.

Amy Lou said...

Returning the follow from Inspire. Create. Bake. Thanks for the comment! I'm looking forward to reading your posts.

krayzid0rk said...

A kitchen aid, a Canon EOS 5D and diamond earrings also.