Monday, November 22, 2010


The worst part about being a parent is the lack of uninterrupted sleep.  This is something that you can't possibly relate to until you have experienced the unrelenting, constant, unforgiving schedule of babies, toddlers, and big kids.
I'll admit that now that the boys are 3 and 6 it's a lot better and doesn't compare to the infant days of past when Puck didn't sleep through the night until he was 10 months old, but to each his own right?

I hate that Muffin is up at 6AM on the dot everyday.  Now that he is night training he has to get up to pee and he doesn't go back to sleep.  To make it worse he wakes his brother up too who just happened to start sleeping in until 7:30 at least.  Sigh...
To make matters worse, these little guys certainly hit the ground running demanding cheerios, milk, or yogurt and their favorite TV shows, which rarely end up being the same hence arguing and compromising before my first cup of coffee is even brewed!

I love to complain, have you noticed?

Truth be told though I would gladly take this daily battle than my normal commute to work and everything and everybody I have to deal with all day long while away from my boys.

Some extra time together over the Thanksgiving holiday is just what I need.  I especially need to spend more time with Puck.   He is changing and growing so fast.  When he had a nightmare earlier in the week I let him lay in bed with me until he fell back to sleep.  When I tried to pick him up to carry him back to his own bed I couldn't lift him off the ground!  I basically had to half-drag the poor kid all the way down the hallway...
Puck is also testing all his "big kid" boundaries...not listening, talking back, making faces, and generally being selfish and hot tempered.  Thank goodness at the end of the day he still likes to cuddle.  I've got to make time for him before he doesn't want me around anymore!


Angie said...

Oh, I am right there with you (to the half kid dragging and everything - what happens at age 5 that you can't lift your kid easily anymore?!)

I love my boys and cherish these days - but don't want to give up anymore sleep!

Rebecca said...

So 2-year old doesn't sleep through the night sometimes and it's torture!!!

You're right one quite gets it until they go through it. Enjoy your time!!!