Monday, November 22, 2010

Is this Stimming Behavior? Muffin Video

We were early getting to school this morning so Muffin and I had a few minutes to relax and chat in the car before going in.  I noticed he was flicking his lip, something I have never seen him do before.  I decided to start video taping thinking at some point it would be nice to have some of my concerns documented since when it's just me and him I know he is being himself. 

This is classic Muffin....


Danifred said...

No, in my professional (and personal) opinion, that is NOT stimming. From what you have said about his sensory integration issues, that is him getting sensory input.
He is absolutely adorable and I just want to eat him up!!!

Rebecca said...

I agree with Danifred (as an educator and a parent). I don't see anything out of the ordinary. It seems like he just wants to know what it feels like if he flicks his lip for a little bit.

I love how kids use their entire hands for blowing kisses! It totally covers his face!

Cara G. said...

I agree with both of these girls. I think kids sometimes just want to know what things feel like...even though they know it might hurt or feel uncomfortable. My daughter knows it won't feel good if she puts a clothespin on her finger, but she has to try it every single time. Especially with the sensory stuff...tapping, flicking,'s just a way to get input.

He is super cute and I love his little curls.