Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Card Photo - Done!

Yesterday I believe we started a new tradition...Gingerbread Houses.  The boys favorite Aunt couldn't make Thanksgiving at the last minute but she sent along the Gingerbread House kits she had planned to make with them.

Yesterday morning I covered the table with a plastic cloth, set out all the supplies, and grabbed a camera to document the fun.  One tip:  I assembled the pieces the night before so the icing would be good and dry for decorating when the boys were ready to begin, trust me this is a must for little ones who will be chomping at the bit to decorate with all the yummy candy!

They were even more into it than I thought possible, even Muffin.  Yielding the icing and plastic knife like a pro!

Even more exciting for me, I captured this years Christmas Card Photo....
***Merry Christmas 2010***

The next thing I did was make a slide show of all the photos from the Gingerbread House decorating to send to our favorite Aunt who had to miss out on the fun.  It came out better than I thought and it was so simple.  I've never been a scrapbooker because I take too many photos and have trouble selecting the few that can fit on a page.  I order photo books occasionally but that gets expensive.  A slide show however, puts all the photos from your event together with music creating much more impact than just clicking through them on your computer!   You can burn them to DVD and or insert video clips in too!



Sarah said...

Great picture! I did our family pics back in October and am using those for our cards. My girls and I love making Gingerbread houses this time of year, fun memories!

Danifred said...

I started doing this a few years ago with the girls, and they love it. Ours are just waiting to be decorated!

Rebecca said... I HAVE to do this!!! I know it's going to send me over the edge of insanity, but I MUST do it! Love the slide show...I have my screen saver set to iPhoto so I can see pictures that I totally forget about. The Crazies love it!