Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fat Jeans

I've been slowly gaining pounds now for over a year now. I have also started and stopped various plans to lose that weight.

Yesterday was my last straw.

I put on my last pair of jeans that fit and by fit I mean barely able to pull them over my backside and hips. I'm still amazed I got them zipped up.

The fact that I got them on is far from a triumph. I looked like if I bent over the seems would split and my fat would just flubber out in relief.

As a woman not being able to wear jeans and feel comfortable is a huge disappointment for me. I have jeans in sizes 6-12. My body does not feel comfortable in a size 12. It's harder to move and bend and be active. I think lots of women look great as a size 12, after all I think that is America's average. I do not like the way I look as a size 12.

I refuse to buy any new clothes.

Thank God for my yoga pants:(. Counting calories begins again today...

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JillAileenJones said...

Been there doing that-that is what I said too-I hate being a 12 and want to go back to at least a 7/8 so yesterday was my final straw too. I went and signed up at Curves again. I did it when we lived in AR and loved it in and out in 40 minutes with stretching 3 times a week more if I can and I lost and kept it off it I got pregnant again and then we moved here and I never signed up here again-too many excuses. So yesterday I went-they are having a special sign up price right now and got weighed and measured (not fun) and I am going back tonight.
I am going to get this off if it kills me!
Hope it goes well for you!
Have a great day.

*Jess* said...

Hon, I feel the same way. I'm currently in my size 10 jeans I just had to buy because my leg won't even fit in my 8's anymore. Its depressing.

L. Merical said...

Awwww! Guess what? I had my last straw too. I'm now running 5 days a week (if you call my joke of run, running, but I walk for a while too) and calorie counting.

On another note, I think you look beautiful at every size, bay-bee, and I've seen them all. Luff ewe!

Rebecca said...

That's a rough day. I dread the days I can't stay in my workout gear...they're too truthful for me!