Thursday, October 28, 2010

Diet Day 3 & Potpourri

-Hopefully you are up to speed and read my "Fat Jeans" post from the other day.  It's only day 2 of calorie counting again but so far I'm doing great.  I'm not trying to pressure myself by exercising too all at once when honestly there just isn't enough time in the day for me to do that.  I figure, get my food intake under control this week and next week I'll start walking again.  The last time I started on this weight loss adventure I went too hard too fast and then I burned out fast too.  So this time it's slow and steady wins the race...hopefully.

-Pucks 6th Birthday Party is in T-Minus 2 weeks.  I'm super excited about the Darth Vader Lollipops I ordered off Etsy today.  That place just makes me want to be creative and crafty, but I'm not, so I buy things instead!  I considered making the pops myself but then I thought it better to leave lollipop making to the professionals!

-Which leads me to the cake, which I SHOULD be leaving to the pros but I've decided to attempt  a 3D R2-D2 cake all on my own.  I promise to document the  triumph disaster every step of the way.  I'm sure Puck will love it, even if I think it looks like a@#!

-Have you seen the Mr. Potato Head Pumpkins?  Uh, why don't I think of these things?  Take your Mr. Potato Head parts and stab them into your favorite pumpkin and TAAA DAAA:  Halloween Awsomeness!  Seriously, brilliant!

Hope all is well with you out there in blog land.  Thanks to those ladies who continue to read and comment, it means so much.

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