Sunday, August 1, 2010

Take More Pictures of your KIDS!!!!

I have just returned from vacation and downloaded all of the pictures we took on our two week vacation.  We took 890 pictures.  That's 890 pictures of the fun and the mundane.  It got me thinking about taking pictures as a mom.  I take pictures of my boys almost everyday even when we are not on vacation.  This time goes so fast.  Things are hard when the kids are so young.  Life is busy, but you know what???   It will be gone in the blink of an eye and if you don't make an effort to capture it, this moment will vanish and the next will arrive.

We currently have over 16,000 family photos of everything under the sun (and lots of videos too) on our computer which we back up regularly and post to Picassa and a neighbor for safe keeping.

I cringe when I hear that friends of mine went to Disney World and didn't take a camera.  If I forgot my camera or broke it on a vacation to Disney of all places I would be buying a new one no matter the cost.  I use a simple point and shoot Canon that fits in my pocket and I take 10 photos to get 2 great ones.

Take More Pictures.  My hubs showed me tonight how to make an instant slide show on our Mac tonight with the pix from an event (if you use iPhoto you know what I mean).  It was amazing to watch.

If you own a digital camera then taking pictures is virtually FREE!  You don't have to make prints to preserve your moments and memories.  If you don't know how to download the pictures from your camera then please learn how!!!

Pick up those cameras and take a photo tonight or tomorrow of you little ones doing something completely normal like brushing their teeth or eating cereal.  You'll thank me in 10 years!  If you have a MAC set your screen saver to iPhoto slide'll be amazed at the photos that flash across the screen that you haven't seen in years:)



Until tomorrow, Jennifer said...

I love your pics. I also take alot of pics. I am on of those who likes to make everyone pose until i get that great shot. I think I take alot of pics because my mother and other realtives do not have that many of themselves when they were young. Time does go by in a nlink of an eye. It does always seem that we are always in a rush with lots to do. glad you had a great vacation

Miss. Candy said...

Those are fantastic pictures!! My camera died on our beach trip!! I was so upset, BUT had my iphone that saved the day!!!!!

Lindsay said...

I totally agree : ) I take tons of pictures of Ryan and organize them by year and then month. I would freak if something ever happened to them! And I totally understand the cringe when someone isn't taking pictures of something that is so awesome. Every time I am around my brother and sister in law for holidays I hate that they aren't taking pictures like crazy like I am doing. My brother now calls me the "crazy camera lady" because I never leave the house without one of my cameras : )!

Sofia said...

I totally agree with you! I always take my camera everywhere and take pictures like crazy! My in-laws think I am crazy for taking photo after photo after photo while they only take one and are done with it! I mean, I have 17GB in photos of my first born son's first year alone! No wonder they are always asking me to share my photos!