Monday, August 16, 2010

My Kids Destroy Everything!

OK.  I don't know if it's just me or what but my kids have damaged just about everything in sight.  We moved into a brand new house just before my first son was born.  Which means that just under 6 years ago everything in my house was sparkling with new-ness. looks like a war zone.

Wood Floor in kitchen/family room doesn't contain one square foot that hasn't been dented or's like a putting green of sad little divits. 

Every square inch of sheetrock (wall) is bruised, stained, dented, chipped....

Puck actually pulled off a drawer front to one of my beautiful upgraded maple kitchen cabinets and I have recently noticed another is getting ready to fall off.

The inner pane of glass on one of the side windows to my bay window in the dining room....huge section of glass actually broke and fell out one morning when Puck was banging on it as I left for work...thank God he wasn't hurt.

My shower door is on it's last leg track.

My stainless steal fridge...dented...a lot:(

Carpet, stained.

Fireplace screen destroyed.

Today Muffin walked up to the car while we were getting in to run errands and hit a toy against the paint 3 times leaving behind dark blue paint on my shiny newish car...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

and the sad part...there's more...I just think I should stop there before I get depressed.  


Over Caffeinated Housewife said...

My kids (5 under 8 years) are exactly the same! I googled "my kids destroy everything" and found your blog. I recently ripped the carpet out of one of their bedrooms after my carpet shampooer couldn't do anything else for their carpet. They have destroyed the laminate in my livingroom. The bedroom currently has foam puzzle tiles on the slab. I want to put new flooring in, but am afraid they will destroy whatever I put in :(

AAAAA said...

I too googled "my kids destroy everything" and destroy they do. I have locks on everything now. My entire upstairs has been covered with my son's "art". I literally hide everything I own because I know it won't survive more than ten minutes out in the open. My kids don't have carpet anymore either and I won't be putting in anything for quite some time. :(