Wednesday, July 14, 2010

When I wasn't looking...

Somehow my baby boy, Puck, has turned into a big boy when I wasn't looking. I don't know when
it happened. Was I doing the dishes? Was I at work? Was I distracted by my younger sons crazy antics?

Where did his chubby cheeks go? Where did his sweet face go?

All of a sudden he thinks he knows EVERYTHING. He gets grumpy and yields this attitude at me when he doesn't get his way.

Where is the boy that wants "up up"? Where us the boy who wants to snuggle with mommy?

Yesterday when I left for work he didn't even look away from the TV.

Where did my baby boy go and who is his kid standing in his place?

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Angie said...

I've been feeling the exact same way looking at my 2 boys. Especially yesterday while watching both the 5 and 3 yr old ride thier bikes w/o training wheels all around the yard...

Bitter Sweet.

Danifred said...

It is so bittersweet, this whole growing up process. It just makes me yearn for another even more.

Evonne said...

My youngest is starting Kindergarten in the fall. It's really starting to hit me that my baby is gone. He's now a big boy!

kisatrtle said...

This happens a lot to me. I look away for just a moment and the little girl who held my hand is starting sixth grade in a few short weeks.

And yes...she already values the opinions of her friends more than mine.

Honestly, it's a little nauseating.